Healthy vegetables that will help your metabolism

Whether you’re a veggie lover or a straight-up avoider, there is no denying their health factor! With the numerous different ways to eat your greens, whether you steam, boil, or simply consume them raw, this versatile food group has a lot of goodness inside. Did you know, though, that as well as helping you get your vits and mins, they can also contribute to boosting your metabolism? Great!

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Often referred to as the negative calorie food, that may not quite be true for this veggie. However, it is indeed a massive contributor to boosting your metabolism! When chewing on a stick of the good stuff you stimulate digestion, as well as adding water to your body to help keep you hydrated – celery is actually made up of 95% water! The fiber found in celery is harder for your body to digest too, so by making your body work hard while eating it, you could burn around two calories for every ten you consume from this little fella!


This leafy green has the same premise as celery when it comes to giving your metabolism a boost. Being rich in fiber makes sure that you burn calories while digesting this veggie – nice! As well as the mini workout it gives you, spinach also contributes to your iron intake. Iron supports having healthy blood, which is key in the metabolism of your body’s cells. Spinach = healthy blood = better metabolism!

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Broccoli may not be a veggie you would expect to see on this list, but these tiny trees have some fantastic benefits! Inside is found both vitamin C and calcium. Together, these two nutrients help give your metabolism a kickstart. Vitamin C helps your body to be able to absorb the calcium, and that in turn then helps with the speeding up of your metabolism. So it turns out it isn’t just good for your bones and teeth! This special vegetable also has high levels of glucoraphanin, a nutrient that helps burn more fat within the body – perfect!


We know the kale craze is still in bloom and going strong, and we’re sure you’re sick of everyone sipping on their kale smoothies while snacking on their kale crisps and grilling kale bacon. Okay, we may have made the last one up, but there is a reason for everyone jumping on the craze! As well as being high in fiber, like many of the other veggies, kale also has high calcium levels, and as we now know, this is key to boosting the metabolism. The green enchantress may not be so worth avoiding after all!

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Taking a step away from the fiber high, calcium-rich vegetables on this list, beets are known to be high in magnesium. This is a massive bonus and will have your metabolism thanking you as magnesium is involved in over 300 different chemical reactions within your metabolism! Having plenty of the vitamin in your system ensures that your metabolism will be working full force!

There may be some veggies on this list that are a bit unexpected. But with the benefits of eating them, could this be a chance to convert even the most die-hard veggie-hater? If you already love them, though – great! Hopefully chopping up some new additions will help to give your metabolism the helping hand it may need! So don’t let us stop you, go grab a chopping board and get crunching!

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