Which hair color should you go to change things up?

Are you the kind of person that always likes to try something new? Sometimes it’s just a health and safety hazard to go skydiving right after going bungee jumping and shark diving, and it’s much easier to change something about your appearance. There are some people who go out and buy a new outfit, there are others who take a trip to the nail salon, there are those who get a piercing, and there are even those who get a tattoo. Yet, we’re the kind of people that just love to change our hair colors, and these are the hair colors you should go if you want to change things up…

Rose gold

Let’s be honest; we’re kind of obsessed with the rose gold trend. We love to fill our home with rose gold furnishings, we love to dip our nails into rose gold polish, and it turns out that you can now turn your hair rose gold! You can choose to go extreme or subtle with this color, and the light rose color will give you a little somethin’ somethin’ without turning you too dark or too light. Because of this, it’s perfect for those with all kinds of skin tones.

Which hair color should you go to change things up?


If you really want to stand out from the crowd, we would 100% recommend the cool copper color for your hair. These orange and brassy tones stand alone on the color chart and give you the chance to show off your spicy personalit,y and add a pop of color into your life. The best part? This color is perfect for those who have fair skin and those who have a darker complexion.


We’ve seen ombré come and go, but it seems as though sombré is here to stay. This hair color is much more extreme than the original ombré style we know and love because the contrast is much more noticeable. If you have dark roots, you go bright blonde on the ends. If you have brown roots, you go bright green on the ends. By adding this bright color into your look, you’ll be both edgy and chic in no time.


If you’re looking to truly get in the mood for fall, you just have to try out a darker tone. Our fave? Burgundy! This deep red color works on fair-skinned women as well as those with a darker complexion because it’s just an awesome color overall. You’ll fit right in with the leaves on the trees, and that’s really all we want in life.

Snow white

Although the days may be getting darker, you might want to brighten up your own life with a brand new hair color. Fight off the winter vibes! Adding platinum blonde onto your hair will turn you into a snow queen in minutes, and this color looks incredible on shorter, pixie-cut hairstyles. While this look may require a lot of maintenance, it’s totally worth it.

Which hair color should you go to change things up?

Choosing your next hair color can be difficult, but if you really want to change things up, we’d advise any of these amazing colors. Go on; give them a go!