This guy had to walk 20 miles to work until his boss found out and made sure it never happened again

How much do you love your job? We might have a habit of complaining about going to work, but there are a lot of people out there who enjoy what they do. Yes, they’d probably rather be sitting on a beach somewhere sipping cocktails and soaking up the sun, but we can’t always have everything we want. Besides, the chances are that if you had the freedom to do that every day, you’d get bored of it very quickly.

So, to make these luxurious vacations worthwhile, we have to work for a living. Some people choose a job merely to pay the bills and keep them afloat, while others are fortunate enough to find something they truly enjoy.

The more passionate you are about your place of work, the likelier you are to put in effort when it comes to the job. That might mean working harder during your shift or doing anything it takes to show up day after day.

Student Walter Carr proved how dedicated he was to his job after walking 20 miles simply to show up on time. That’s not something that most people would be willing to do just for a paycheck, but Carr was determined to make a good impression. He put his job before everything else, and luckily for this hard worker, his efforts didn’t go unrewarded.

After the CEO of the company discovered exactly what Carr had done just to get to work, he showed him how grateful he was for the student’s passion. This is one job that the young man wouldn’t ever forget.

In the middle of nowhere

You might lament the drive to work or the fact that you often get stuck in traffic, but things could always be worse. After Walter Carr’s vehicle wouldn’t start 20 miles away from his first day on the job, it looked like things were over before they’d even begun. However, determined not to give up, Carr decided to make the long journey on foot. He never expected that this decision would change his life, but after his boss found out what he’d done, he couldn’t let his dedication go unrewarded.

A growing business

The company that Carr was working for was Bellhops, a movers first set up to help out college students. Given how many people move in and out of college dorms every year, the company quickly established itself as a key player in its industry. Now, they provide services for over 25 cities across the United States, and they continue to grow every year. When Carr took on a job with them in July 2018, he just wanted something to fill the time, but he ended up with so much more.

Future plans

His job with Bellhops was never going to be anything permanent. When he took it on, he was still studying for a degree in health sciences at Lawson State Community College. There was only a matter of months left before he was set to graduate, at which point he planned to join the Marines and eventually become a physical therapist. This is a man with big dreams and an even bigger drive to succeed, which is why he was determined for his first day at Bellhops to be a triumph.

Disaster strikes

However, no matter how much Carr wanted things to go well, disaster was lurking in the engine of his car. When he tried to get the vehicle going the day before, it refused to start. This left him without a means to go to work for a job that was 20 miles away from his Homewood apartment. Unsure what else to do, he tried calling his friends looking for help, but no-one was able to offer any assistance. With the hours ticking down, he had to make a decision.

Making a decision

Not showing up to work wasn’t an option. He couldn’t let Bellhops down before he’d even worked a shift for them. That was basically like asking to be fired. So, not seeing any other option, Carr decided that he’d walk the 20 miles from his apartment to the job over in Pelham. He calculated that it would probably take around seven hours to make the journey, meaning he’d have to be on his way by 1 am if he wanted to get to Pelham for 8 am.

Setting off

Leaving in the early hours of the morning meant that Carr would be missing out on some valuable sleep. So, the student rested for a few hours before leaving his apartment, eventually setting off at midnight. He planned to allow himself another hour to sleep somewhere along the way, which is why he set off slightly earlier than he needed to. The trip wasn’t going to be easy, especially as he had to walk along Highway 280, but it was all or nothing. He was determined to do this.

Taking a break

The first few hours of the trip went without issue, but by 3 am, Carr was in need of a break. He’d been walking non-stop for a good three hours by that point, and he still had a long way to go. It was as he was resting that he caught someone’s attention though. A Pelham police car pulled up alongside the student and checked to see what was going on. Finding someone sitting on the side of the road at three in the morning isn’t exactly a normal sight.

A free meal

As officer Mark Knighten questioned Carr on what he was doing, he discovered the student’s tremendous tale of determination. Blown away by his work ethic, the cop decided to treat Carr to some breakfast, so he drove him over to a Whataburger nearby. Knighten couldn’t get over the 20-year-old’s passion for his job and wanted to do even more to help the student out. So, he decided to offer him something that would make the rest of his journey go a great deal more smoothly.

Helping him out

After Carr had filled up on breakfast and was ready to set off again, Knighten surprised the student by offering to drive him to his destination. His determination to make it to the job on time was already paying off because now he wouldn’t have to worry about arriving late. Unsurprisingly, Carr took the officer up on his offer, and the two made the rest of the journey to Pelham. They eventually arrived at 6:30 am, an hour and a half before schedule.

Welcome to our home

Knighten drove Carr to the home of Chris and Jenny Lamey, the family who the student would be helping to move. They were already awake when the police car pulled up, trying to sort out any last minute issues before the movers arrived. They were surprised to see Knighten and Carr on their doorstep, but after the officer explained the situation, they were more than happy to welcome the student in. Carr had worked so hard to get to their house on time; they weren’t going to turn him away.

Admirable work ethic

Chris and Jenny were utterly blown away by the determination that Carr had shown in wanting to help them out. In a social media post, Jenny wrote that it was clear how much the officer admired Carr’s work ethic, and she felt the same. She couldn’t ever imagine leaving the house at midnight and walking 20 miles just to get to work on time. The Lameys offered the student a place to sleep until the other movers showed up, but he politely declined, instead getting straight to work.

Forming friendships

From the moment he arrived at the Lameys, he was nothing but the ultimate employee. Carr had plenty of nice things to say about the couple’s kitchen, comparing it favorably to one his family had once had before it was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The Lameys were impressed by the student’s politeness and the three quickly built up a good relationship. By the time the other movers showed up, they were already getting along like the best of friends. This would soon pay off for Carr in an incredible way.

A shining example

The other movers at Bellhops were equally blown away by Carr’s story of determination. None of them could have imagined walking so far in the middle of the night just to go to work. It’s safe to say that everyone involved was impressed by Carr and his work ethic, particularly Jenny. She raved about how the student was so “humble and kind,” and admired his desire not to let his customer down. She imagined he probably wanted to turn back plenty of times on the way there, but never did.

Becoming a star

As soon as news of what Carr had done made it onto the internet, the student went viral. People were overwhelmed by the determination that he had shown, especially from someone so young. The post that Jenny uploaded to social media amassed more than 10,000 likes, leading news of Carr’s journey to make it to some of the higher-ups at Bellhops. Once CEO Luke Marklin caught wind of what his new employee had done, he knew that the young man deserved something to show his immense appreciation.

Showing his thanks

Carr was surprised when he discovered that the CEO of Bellhops wanted to meet with him. He’d only just started working for the company, and already the man in charge wanted to speak to him. Marklin took the student out for coffee to discuss that fateful day and offer his thanks for being such a dedicated worker. However, it wasn’t only a cup of joe that the CEO gave Carr. During their meet up, Marklin had a surprise for his employee that he wasn’t going to believe.

A grateful gift

On that day, Marklin gave Carr the keys to his own 2014 Ford Escape. It was still relatively new, and the CEO hadn’t gotten many miles out of it when he handed it over. The student was incredibly grateful for the gift, and Marklin said he was much more deserving of the wheels than himself. This way, Carr hopefully wouldn’t have to walk to any more of his jobs, allowing him to use those hours for something more important – sleep. The Lameys were in attendance when Carr received the gift.

Worth the money

There was never any doubt in Marklin’s mind that Carr deserved such a tremendous gift. As the CEO of a growing company, he knows how important his employees are, and seeing them go the extra mile brings a smile to his face. Every boss hopes that their workers will care enough about their job to do whatever it takes, and this determination that Carr showed was exactly what Marklin had hoped for. To this CEO, a dedicated employee is worth all the cars that he can afford.

Raking in the money

The student couldn’t quite believe his luck when his boss handed over his own car, but it seems that carr would have been well off even without the gift. Jenny had already set up a page on GoFundMe in the hopes of raising the money for Carr to fix his vehicle. However, rather than amassing the $2,000 that she’d hoped for, the page ended up raising $90,000 for the 20-year-old. With so much money, he could have had his pick of cars to drive.

Giving back

Carr wasn’t about to spend all that money on himself though. Instead, he planned to donate part of it to the Birmingham Education Foundation. It was something that he’d been a part of when he was a high school student, so he wanted to show his gratitude by giving back. Jenny wasn’t surprised by this decision, especially after seeing just what kind of person that Carr is. She couldn’t be happier to see the student’s kindness being repaid in full and hoped the money would help him do great things.

Online support

Carr’s story continues to inspire people around the world, and it’s not only because of what the student did. While they’re astounded by his dedication to the job and his drive to do whatever it took to get there on time, they’re also impressed by the other people involved. In particular, they’re awestruck by Knighten and the kindness he showed to a person in need. They expressed a desire for more police officers around America and the world to have the same level of concern and compassion that he did.

Dedicated employee

Carr continues to work at Bellhops, although whether this experience has changed his plans for the future are unknown. The student might no longer see his time with the company as merely a time filler now that he’s made a big impression. We’re sure that Marklin wouldn’t want to see him go, especially given how much passion he showed for the job on his first day. It’s not every day you get an employee like Carr, and we don’t think he’d want to lose him after only a few months.