Great ideas for traveling with your partner

Traveling with your partner is a truly life-changing experience. You can learn so much about your other half when you’re on vacation or exploring the world together. As long as you can make it through any flight delays or vacation dramas together, you can pretty much do anything. Stuck for ideas as to where to go with your partner? Here are some great ideas that you need to add to your bucket list.

Great ideas for traveling with your partner

Bangkok, Thailand

Head to the floating market (Damnoen Saduak) during the day to pick up souvenirs, fresh food, and trinkets for each other. In the evening, head out for a night in the city where you can learn how to cook at one of the many Thai cookery classes or simply experience a nightlife like no other. For the rest of the time, you can either spend your days on the beaches or go island hopping. Bangkok is a true bucket list destination that’s made even better when you’re with your significant other.

Santorini, Greece

If you like your vacation destinations to look like a postcard then you have to head to Santorini in Greece. This picture perfect Greek island is popular with couples for a reason – it’s just so romantic! You can get lost for hours in the narrow, winding streets, in a sea of white and blue. Tuck into some delicious Greek food and finish the night with a local drink – Ouzo. The sparkling, clear waters of the Mediterranean sea are perfect for snorkeling, too.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Many people think of Paris when it comes to romantic breaks in Europe, but you can’t get much more romantic than Amsterdam. Once the home of bachelor parties, this city has changed a lot in recent years. You can take photos of each other in front of the stunning tulip fields, then head out on a canal boat for a spot of lunch, before finishing the day with some tandem bicycle riding. This city really does have it all for couples.

Great ideas for traveling with your partner

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Head to this huge seaside city in Brazil in February to take part in one of the most iconic events on the planet – Carnival! There is nothing more likely to get you moving and shaking than this samba-loving part of the world. Take photos of each other posing like Christ the Redeemer at the famous statue, and then spend the rest of your time on the beach. What’s not to love?

Machu Picchu, Peru

If you and your partner are more the adventurous types, and really want to put your relationship to the test, then you have to trek to Machu Picchu together. The Inca Trail, which takes you to the 550-year-old citadel which is 7,973 feet above sea level. It’s truly a sight to behold and a memory that will last you and your partner a lifetime. There are plenty of tour companies that will help you do the 26-mile trek in 4-7 days, or you could try and go it alone if you’re sure you won’t argue over the map.

Stuck for ideas of where to go with your partner? Not anymore! The only choice now is: which one first?