Great ideas for adorable dates

Sure, dinner and a movie is a classic date night plan but let’s be real, it gets boring eventually right? Don’t let things get stale, mix it up a little with some of these adorable date ideas that you will both love!

Head to the roof

This is a date that doesn’t have to cost a whole lot but will be totally magical. Cook something simple such as a pizza, grab a few drinks and head up to the roof. You can chill and look at the stars (provided you can see them where you are) and just talk while enjoying delicious food. Perfect.

Get outside

If you can, head into nature. You don’t have to do a hardcore hike if that is not what you’re into but perhaps venture into the woods for a nice walk. Hold hands and talk about whatever while you enjoy being at one with nature – it’s really good for the soul. It is also a great place to take cute Instagram shots, so why not bust out an impromptu photoshoot too.

Go seasonal

If you are looking for a fun autumnal date, why not head to a pumpkin patch and spend the evening carving your best Jack-o’-lanterns. If it’s winter, perhaps you could go to an outdoor ice rink or do a tour of your neighborhood’s Christmas lights. Make seasonal specific memories with your partner and they will fill you with warm thoughts whenever you remember them.

Board games

Sure, board games are fun, but there are ways you can make them even better! Why not take a Twister mat, add paint that matches the color of each spot and either put on some old clothes or play sans clothes for a fun, flirty take on an old-school game. You could make any game more exciting by adding in forfeits and consequences.

Spontaneous road trip

With music blaring and a whole load of snacks, road trips are so much fun. Instead of planning out a route, why not let a coin decide by flipping heads or tails whenever a decision needs to be made on a direction. If you see a fun place to explore, then stop off and have a look. Maybe take a picnic and look for a nice place to sit and eat. You might find somewhere amazing, or you might end up in the middle of nowhere. It’s the journey that counts.

Drive-in movie

If it’s good enough for Danny & Sandy, it’s good enough for you! Head to a drive-in movie and make it extra special by turning the back seat of your car or bed of your truck into your own personal den. Bring along a bunch of blankets and pillows, plus some snacks and enjoy a really romantic take on a movie date.

When it comes to planning dates, it’s the thought that counts, and if you keep choosing the same activities, it shows a lack of thought. Whether this is a new potential partner or your husband of ten years, try spicing things up with one of these adorable date ideas.