Would You Go To This Modern Day Woodstock?

The prospect of a Woodstock replica often crosses each generation’s mind. The problem is, there is no possible way to recreate the magic, the talent, and the transcendent influence the original rock movement had for a 3 day period in 1969. However, if we did make an honest attempt to match the melody-induced, free-love infested celebration, we could take a wildly accurate guess on who the headliners would be. We could imagine that The Killers, The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, and Radiohead would be one of the many performers making fans cry out in song and dance, but if we absolutely had to choose who the Top 5 main performances would be, then it would come down to these modern bands with both mainstream and cult followings.

Foo Fighters

Look up the definition of rock star in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of Dave Grohl right next to it. The former Nirvana drummer formed Foo Fighters in 1994 and quickly achieved mainstream success after the release of their debut album, the self-titled Foo Fighters, in 1995. The band has become a staple in the post-grunge genre with an alternative influence in their musical disposition. Without a question, Foo Fighters would headline the modern day Woodstock without error or disappointment.



Paramore, led by female front Haley Williams, has come a long way since 2007. Their debut album Riot! shot them to undeniable stardom within the first year of touring and they’ve become a symbol of resilience and girl angst since emerging on the music scene. Paramore endured their fair share of struggle when two founding members left the band in 2014, but the remaining trio has carried on without interruption or change of sound. Paramore is a dead shot for a modern day Woodstock headliner; they ooze moderate feminism and Hayley is one of the greatest live performers you’ll ever get to experience.


Florence & The Machine

You can’t reimagine a modern day Woodstock without Florence & The Machine. The Indie Rock band lives and breathes the free love vibe but with a contemporary energy that’s relatable to audiences across the globe. Florence at the Woodstock revival would be the equivalent to a 1960’s Janis Joplin, with a performance that would change festival goers lives forever. If you haven’t experienced the serene sounds and harmonious style of the London-based band, then we urge you to do so the very next opportunity you get.


Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers would undoubtfully be the veteran performance of our recreated Woodstock Festival. In fact, we’d probably honor them with a Lifetime Achievement Award and Dave Grohl would be the one to present it to. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are the symbol of not just their generation, but the millennials as well. Their timeless hits and constant evolution, in both rhythm and wardrobe style, make them the standout voice of the last 3 decades. If the Red Hot Chili Peppers didn’t headline at the new Woodstock, then it would be a bigger disappoint than The Beatles not showing up to the original festival. We’re talking to you, Paul McCartney.


Green Day

Regardless of your current opinion, Green Day can absolutely not be excluded from our Woodstock headliners list. Whether they truly “sold out” or not remains to be discussed but either way, these guys are the epitome of punk rock and are legendary in their own right. They’re one of the few rock bands in history to score their own broadway show based on an entire album (American Idiot, if you haven’t heard), and they’ve been around almost just as long as Anthony Kiedis and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Green Day not performing on the main stage would be criminal and therefore, not worth attending the modern day Woodstock at all.