Why you should go camping with your sis for a weekend spent under the stars

There are two kinds of people in this world: those that get on with their sister and think that she’s the best thing since sliced bread (because sliced bread is pretty snazzy) and those that DON’T get on with their sister and try to shove slices of bread in her mouth to make her shut up every single day. Either way, sliced bread is involved. Despite this, we all know that deep, deep, deep down we all love our sisters, and would cry a river like Justin Timberlake if anything ever happened to them. So, to show off your love, this is why you should go camping with your sis for a weekend spent under the stars like the stars you are…

You’ll have the most magical backdrop to reminisce

When you were younger, you couldn’t go to a sleepover without having the most in-depth conversations with your friends on the bunk beds – and you can now do the exact same thing with your sister with the most magical backdrop. While you tent might not come with bunk beds or a mom to bring you sandwiches and pop (we wish), it will come with a dreamy backdrop that will allow you two to reminisce over the old days and realize that your sisterly bond is something special, gurl. Of course, there is a chance that this could eventually turn into ‘who can scare each other the most’ with their ghost stories, and you may forget to put away the honey and attract bears in the middle of the night, but we promise it will be fun. In fact, we pinky promise.

Why you should go camping with your sis for a weekend spent under the stars

You can complain all you want

Okay, obviously you won’t want to complain because your camping trip will be the best experience of your life, but there may be certain aspects about the great outdoors that give you the heebie-jeebies. You might complain about the family of spiders that seem to have made a new home in your tent, you may complain about the cold, you may complain about the fact that you STILL can’t cook an egg after living for decades on this planet, and you may even complain that you’re so awake because you’re having so much fun! While some of your other family members or friends may get super annoyed at your whining, your sister has lived with you for all of your life, which means that she’s kinda used to it – and has probably tuned it out through selective hearing.

You can try Glamping for the first time

If you’ve always wanted to go Glamping but you S/O has always said no (sad face) going camping with your sis under the stars and checking into your very own yurt, cabin or mansion tent could be the perfect alternative to simply getting muddy in a field somewhere. Of course, you just HAVE to ensure that your Glamping tent offers string-lights – because string-lights make everything better – and the chance for you to get cozy with your sister, play a few board games, watch a few movies, and laugh until you think you’re going to have a whoopsie. That’s what it’s all about.

She can be your official photographer

Did you really go camping if you didn’t take candid I’m-totally-not-looking-at-the-camera-but-I’m-still-looking-fly photographs? We think not. As a fellow selfie candid taker, your sister should know all of your best angles, the best lighting and the best backdrops that will give you epic interaction on your Instagram feed. After all, what else would you do on a camping trip? Be at one with nature? Hike famous trails? Forage for wild mushrooms? Nah, you’re alright, we’ll be fine with the #blessed photo on our timelines instead.

Why you should go camping with your sis for a weekend spent under the stars

If you’ve never thought of going camping with your sister, you might want to rethink your life choices, because really, you shouldn’t be going camping with anyone other than your sister. It’s, like, the law.