Get in shape with these 7 apps

The cold dark days of winter are nearly over, and summer is right around the corner. Being cooped up indoors and binge-watching Netflix for four months has probably left you looking a bit soft. But with the weather warming up, now is the perfect time to start getting out working on that hard summer bod. Of course, everyone needs a little help starting out. These are the best apps for going from from flab to fab.

Get in shape with these 7 apps

Couch to 10k Running Trainer

This free running app created by Zen Labs will get you off your couch and running a 10k in as little as 14 weeks! Using interval training, each week gets harder than the next, enabling you to run faster and harder for longer periods in a short amount of time. Use the app to coach you during your run three times a week, and you’ll be lean ready to tackle the world by the time swimsuit season starts!

30 Day Fit Challenge Workout

In as little as a month, this app will help you get that body you want in time for summer. Using your own body weight, the app – designed by professional fitness instructors – slowly increases your workout intensity until you are a lean, mean, beach patrollin’ machine! There are settings for a full body workout, for getting that perfect six pack, or making your glutes toned and firm. You can even link up your stats with Google Fit to track your progress.

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Get in shape with these 7 apps


Did you make a new year’s resolution to join a gym, only to never go through with it once you stepped inside and realized you had no idea what you were doing? With Vitogo, you can get back in there and become that ripped beast you always wanted to be. Put your info into the app, and the app will coach you on which machines and weights to use to help you achieve your goals while tracking your progress. You’ll go from frail to swole in no time!


Internationally renowned YouTube Fitness Star Cassey Ho has put all of her pilates videos into one app, enabling you not only to have all her awesome videos in one place, but also access to exclusive, secret ones! You’ll never get bored, as the app includes an entire lifestyle guide from fun recipes and a workout calendar to an addicting international forum. You and your friends will stay motivated to continue to build a happy and healthy lifestyle.

7 Minute Workout

So you want to get a hard body but don’t have the time to commit to working out for half an hour a day or going all the way to the gym? Don’t worry, because the 7 Minute Workout has you covered. This free app guides you through a high intensity workout for seven minutes, combining 13 different exercises which work out every part of your body – legs, core, cardio, and upper body. Using your own bodyweight as resistance, the workout on this app can be done anywhere and at any time. Perfect for the person on the go.