Fun and free date ideas that won’t break your budget

Maybe you’ve been with beau for years, or perhaps it’s the beginning of a brand new relationship? Whatever the case, heading on dates is a great way to spend valuable, quality time together. However, that doesn’t mean you have to steal from a bank to make all those memories. In fact, these fun and free date ideas won’t break the budget, but will still give you plenty to keep yourselves busy.

Feed the ducks

A trip to the park? And ducks?! Life has never looked better. These quacking friends can be a ticket to a free date while getting to enjoy the outdoors. Plus, you could even test your skills and name some of the ducks at the pond. Now you have an excuse to head on another date – and you can put your memory to the test.

Fun and free date ideas that won’t break your budget

Build a fort

It’s blankets and pillows at the ready as it’s time to recreate a childhood favorite: an indoor fort. There’s a reason we used to spend so long in these as kids, and now it’s time to make one to share. You could soon find yourself king and queen of your very own comfy kingdom.

Head to the museum

Having a free date doesn’t mean you have to stay in. In fact, many museums have free entry or offer up free hours on certain days. All it takes is a bit of research to find out all the info of museums in your local area, and you could soon have yourself a new date night destination. Sophisticated and free – we like it.

Have a movie marathon

Perhaps you have a favorite series of films? Maybe your partner is always talking about their favorite movie, but you’ve never gotten around to watching it? Now’s your chance. It doesn’t have to be just movie either. There is no time like now to binge watch that show you’ve been meaning to see for a free date idea.

Get deliberately lost

This is the perfect way to bond as you and your partner need to find a way out of wherever you are. The cities confusing buildings cam leave you all turned around, while an open field in the middle of the countryside gives no clues on how to get back. Now, you must spend the day working out how to get home.

Fun and free date ideas that won’t break your budget


This could be anywhere. And we mean, anywhere. Love cats? Try the local cat sanctuary. Want to help out people in the community? Old people’s homes or local children’s groups can be the perfect place to start your quest. You’ll get to enjoy a free date, as well as knowing you’ve helped improve someone’s day.

Have a scavenger hunt

You might know all there is about your local area, but would you know where to find a list of random items? It’s time to head out into town in search of your new list. You can do this together, or race against the clock to see who can finish their list first. Plus, you don’t have to buy anything; you can prove you found it with a simple picture.

Make a time capsule

This is great if you’re looking for a fun and free date idea that will just continue to keep giving. All those sappy love notes, cinema ticket stubs, and random collections weren’t kept for no reason – they make the perfect things to put inside a relationship time capsule. You could even write letters to each other and vow to open it years down the line.

If the year has left your bank account feeling a little lighter than usual then don’t worry, these fun and free date ideas are sure not to break the bank while still being able to impress your beloved. Making memories no longer has to cost a thing.