Friends that you should avoid traveling with

There’s nothing quite like a vacation to bring out the best or worst in you. Holidaying with friends at gorgeous beach resorts, partying into the night, or trekking into the forests with them can bring you closer or tear you apart.
Travel can be a lot of fun – if you have the right company. Even the most well planned trip or the most idyllic location can turn into a vacation from hell if you pick the wrong person to share it with.

A brand new friend

While some might dive into the deep end by traveling with a brand new friend, it may not be wise. After all, you probably don’t even know the simple things like whether they’re a night owl or early riser, what kind of music they like, or how they cope in a crisis. If you’re in trouble and need help, would they know who your emergency contact is or whether you’re allergic to certain foods or insect bites? Think of it this way – would you take a brand new car out on a road trip straight from the dealership without breaking it in first?

Friends that you should avoid traveling with

A whiner

This is one friends that you certainly do not want to travel with. There’s a place for pessimists in this world, but it certainly isn’t on the seat next to you on the rickety bus into a remote village in South America. If you like roughing it or enjoy some “winging it” in your travel, a whiner can get you down and turn an exciting adventure into a drag. Whiners can complain about pretty much everything. Too much shopping, too little shopping. Too much outdoor time, not enough outdoor time. You get the picture.

The know-it-all

Admittedly, know-it-alls do have their advantages on vacation – telling you the best place for that local grilled meat or the right time to beat the queues at a popular sight. But having someone constantly droning on about all they have learned about the place can be a drag. Imagine your delight at discovering a gorgeous hidden cafe in a cul-de-sac only to be told that they already knew about it. There’s time when you need to say that enough is enough.

The cheapskate/The “I don’t have any cash” friend

Is your friend always conveniently “out of cash” when it comes to paying up at a restaurant, the movies, or the bowling alley? Travel with friends involves splitting the tab for days on end, so if they’re not going to cough up their fair share of things, it probably isn’t a great idea to bring them along. You might wind up feeling bitter at them and it could cause irreparable damage to your relationship.

Friends that you should avoid traveling with

Only in rare occasions like these that you get to see you friends in a different light. While traveling is always fun, traveling with friends like these might ruin your amazing experience, so you might want to think it over before you let them join you for the trip. Good luck!

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