A French woman’s kitchen staples

You would agree that the female demographic in Paris knows a thing or two about the kitchen and a super chic lifestyle, right? Right! So it makes sense that I would take their advice when they tell me what I must have in my kitchen at any given moment to pass for a Parisian (which means pass for a put-together, international woman). The reason for going the Parisian route is due to the overwhelming fact that French women look incredible despite eating cheeses, butter and meats, all washed down with a glass of wine.

There’s something they know and are not telling the rest of the world and I’m on a quest to find it!

If you have ever been to France you know that not only are their meals farm-to-table 99% of the time, but they don’t opt for the low fat way of life, which means they are getting the most out of their basic ingredients. Full fat milk, butter, breads, meats and cheeses are just a few of the French staples. Dieting isn’t in their lexicon and it’s a glorious thing. So what do French women have in their kitchens when they aren’t strutting the streets looking fabulous?

paris kitchen 14

Fresh bread.

There is little more comforting than the smell of fresh bread. The key here is to buy a fresh baguette every day you plan on eating it – day old bread is not an option for the true Parisian.

Olive oil.

You would think butter, right? Well, that’s in a bit. Olive oil is another kitchen essential that is put in almost every dish. Side note: Olive oil is also used as part of a Parisian’s beauty regimen.



Mustard is indispensable is France too! They have it in their kitchen at any given moment to spread over a slice of fresh baguette or make into dressing for a salad.


You and I are used to having eggs with our breakfast, but not the French! They eat their eggs typically during their lunch or dinner course. When it comes to their kitchen, this is always on their counter in a neat glass tray. I have always put my eggs in the refrigerator but I also don’t eat them as often as the French must. Learn somethin’ new every day!


NOW we get to talking about butter. It’s put in most dishes, generously. The key here is that Parisian’s don’t go overboard with the amount of butter they eat. They eat it often but in small quantities.


This is a given. Fatty cheeses always have pride of place in a Parisian’s refrigerator. Don’t mess with the French and their cheese, it’s serious business. You can tell how important cheese is by the amount of Fromageries splayed throughout Paris.



Wine is always a good idea. Wine is used for cooking and, obviously, drinking. You won’t catch a Parisian turning down a glass of wine with a meal – it’s an integral part of it.


Cheese, butter and bread, oh my! Parisian’s have zero shame or guilt when it comes to their eating habits, and that includes dessert. Food is meant to be a source of pleasure and the sweet ending to a meal is practically a religion. When at home, Parisian’s will bake a tart or some other simple tasty treat as the pièce de résistance. The key to everything in the French kitchen is simplicity, quality and dedication.