Everything you wanted to know about Grace Kelly

In the pantheon of great Hollywood starlets, Grace Kelly is definitely a name that stands out. As one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of all-time, Grace Kelly had it all, and was the darling of Hollywood for her short career, scooping an Oscar in the process. Best-known for here roles in High Noon and The Country Girl, Grace Kelly’s career is looked back on as on that was full of potential.

She was one of the truly glamorous stars of the time, and her personal life almost become more famous than her professional one. Considered one of the first, true global icons, Grace Kelly is a name we can all recognize and look up to. Here are some of the stunning facts you never knew about this Screen Queen.

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She almost became an athlete

As is sometimes the story with a lot of actors and actresses, Kelly’s path to Hollywood didn’t happen via conventional means. In fact, early in her life she almost became an athlete, not an actress. Her father Jack was a successful rower and had 3 Olympic gold medals. Her mother and older siblings were also formidable athletes, and Kelly could easily have followed in the family tradition. However, after being bitten by the acting bug at the age of 20, she decided her destiny lay down a different path.

She was almost in On the Waterfront!

The iconic Marlon Brando movie On the Waterfront had Eva Marie Saint as the female lead, Edie. However, Grace Kelly was originally cast in the role, but she was forced to pull out due to scheduling conflicts with the Alfred Hitchcock movie Rear Window. Now, we love Saint role in the film, but we would have loved to have seen Grace acting alongside Marlon Brando. Unfortunately, that’s the way it sometimes goes in Hollywood, and we’re sure Grace didn’t regret her decision.

She quit acting at 26

Incredibly, Grace Kelly actually quit acting professionally in 1956, at the age of just 26. She had only had a career for 6 years and was touted as one of the most famous and talented stars in Tinseltown. She actually quit the profession because she became a Princess! In April 1955 she met Prince Rainier III of Monaco, and a year later the couple was married. Having to undertake her royal duties as a newly appointed Princess, Kelly retired from acting. Imagine what she could have achieved if she had enjoyed a much longer career.

Alfred Hitchcock tried to get her back to Hollywood

The world was stunned when Grace Kelly quit acting at such a young age, and there were several attempts to lure her back to the silver screen. The most famous of these was made by her former director Alfred Hitchcock. He had her penciled in for his 1962 movie Marnie, and Kelly agreed. However, Monaco did not take too kindly to the idea, and eventually, Kelly pulled out, with the role eventually going to Tippi Hedren.

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Grace Kelly was glamour personified. Not only was she a beautiful and talented actress, but she also became an elegant and regal Princess as well! For someone with such a short career, she certainly made a big impact on Hollywood, and her legacy endures to this day. These are some of the most amazing things you never knew about the Queen of Hollywood.