Every person in the world has a personality type

When you think of your characteristics and your persona, you probably know roughly what you are – whether you’re outgoing, shy, excitable, or scared you can normally put yourself into one or more categories. But scientists have come up with a better way to categorize your personality, and one simple test can determine which type out of 16 different personalities you come under. So what is the theory?

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Personality types theory

The Personality Types Theory gets its ideas from two different schools of philosophy and has most of its roots in Carl Jung’s Theory of Psychological Types. This theory investigated the concepts of Introversion and Extroversion, arguing that every single person on the planet could fit into one of those two categories. He also coined different cognitive functions, including Judging Functions (which surround thinking and feeling) and Perceiving Functions (which surround sensing and intuition). By using these different theories, the Personality Types Theory pools these together in one test and assign the participant with one outcome out of a possible sixteen. These sixteen personality types are then categorized into four different sections; Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, and Explorers.


If you are an analyst, you love to spend your life being rational, impartial, and engage in intellectual, scientific and political debates – and you love every second of it! Analysts are famously very independent individuals that do not rely on others for help. You are strong willed and normally work towards the greater good for you, rather than a whole group or the majority. Because of this, analysts find it difficult to maintain social and emotional relationships. Within this category are the Architect, the Logician, the Commander, and the Debater.


If you’ve ever felt like you are always the mediator in your group of friends, you are most likely the diplomat. The diplomat has a strong focus on cooperation, emotional pursuits, counseling and helping out others. However, this trait can prove difficult when you need to make rash and impulsive decisions in your life. Within this category are the Advocate, the Mediator, the Protagonist, and the Campaigner.

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Sentinels absolutely love plans, order and logical stability. Sentinels are some of the most practical people in the world and are extremely hard working, loyal and logistical. Sentinels become anxious when there aren’t rules to follow, as they find it incredibly difficult to accept new people, new opinions, new points of view and new situations. Within this category are the Logistician, the Defender, the Executive, and the Consul.


Explorers do exactly what they say on the tin – they love to explore the world, explore other people and be spontaneous. Explorers are quick-thinking and have the ability to adapt to their surroundings, making them the master of crafting skills, survival skills, and selling skills. However, these personality traits often lead them down the wrong path towards sensual pleasures, and they often take risks that others wouldn’t. Within this category are the Virtuoso, the Adventurer, the Entrepreneur, and the Entertainer.

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