Have you ever heard of people who don’t eat or drink?

Everyone, whether or not they have allergies or are on a diet, loves to eat. It’s a universal concept and eating and drinking is also something that is necessary for survival.  But did you know that there are in fact some people, a very small group of them, who do not think about food whatsoever and do not eat. Have you ever heard about these people who don’t eat or drink?


There is actually a term for these people called autotrophs. They are in fact a very unique organism that makes their own food, they can go on hunger strikes forever. Vladimir Vernadsky, among other Russian philosophers thought about a way for humans to be able to survive off of something that was non-material.   He was certain that all humans are full of energy and that they can nourish themselves merely from the energy of space. And there are people today that prove that it is indeed possible to live without actual food.

Vernadsky believes that all living beings fall into two categories, either heterotrophs or autotrophs. Autotrophs are mostly plants, which obtain energy from non-organic substances, such as air and sunshine. They process the air and sunshine during the process of photosynthesis.  Heterotrophs, on the other hand are the other category, which are made of animals and humans. They feed themselves with other living beings, and therefore those can manage to live off of space and solar power and more plant like than other humans.

There is actually a group of autotrophs who are living in Moscow. They share their story with others in the Konstantin Vasiliev Museum.  A child who is breastfed by his autotroph mother until the age of seven will be ready to be one himself by the age of eight. It is a very simple process, and although the mother will never eat or drink, she still has sufficient stores of milk to provide for her baby.


These women in Moscow who at first are vegans, avoiding all animal products from their diet. Following things they avoid eating all vegetal food as well, and eventually stop drinking any form of liquid whatsoever.

The most well known autotroph in Russia is named Zinaida Baranova who is 67 years old. She started out by giving up meat, and then gave up vegetables as well. She has gone without nay food or liquids for already four and a half years already. Researchers who examined her organisms were shocked to discover that he biological age was that of a 20 year old.

It was concluded that she was perfectly healthy with all of her organs and systems intact, other than her stomach. She still is a highly friendly, outgoing and energetic person and has avoided all diseases.  She admits that adjusting to this lifestyle was not easy and at the start was exhausted, and has dry mouth as well as cramps. But after 1.5 months her health improved.

According to doctors, autotrophs are a completely new type of human beings who are self-sufficient and that that it is possible that they will replace the standard human later on.