Are essential oils actually good for your health?

You might have noticed all those vials of essential oils as you browse the stores. They’re just about everywhere nowadays, from beauty stores to the grocery store – is anywhere safe from the stuff? Although it can seem as if we are in the midst of an essential oil takeover, it can leave us wondering if they are actually good for your health. After all, can they really change our lives?

What are essential oils?

So what is it about these oils that makes them so essential in the first place? Well, the name might be slightly misleading as they aren’t, in fact, essential at all. The oils get their name thanks to the fact they are the concentrated essence of the plant. That means essential oils are all the good bits combined down into one convenient little bottle.

Where did essential oils come from?

Believe it or not, but these oils have been around since way back in the days of the Ancient Egyptians. These folk would use the new fragrances as perfumes, and healers would even claim essential oils had medical properties. Although they were once reserved for the privileged in society, essential oils are now up for grabs to anyone that wants to give them a go.

Are essential oils actually good for your health?

Benefits of essential oils

There have been many benefits that have been reported from essential over the years. Some of the many benefits include helping to fight cold and flu symptoms, alleviating specific pains, reducing headaches, relaxing any sore muscles, and even preventing and reducing wrinkles and cellulite. Could essential oils really be this magical after all?


Sadly, with all the positive effects that can come with essential oils, there can also be some drawbacks. Burning is just one of them. Many oil users have reported burns on their skin when heading out into the sun thanks to using any photosensitizing oils, such as lime, lemon, bergamot, and cumin oil.


Many people can suffer from sensitive skin or reactions to new products, and essential oils can be the cause of many people’s irritations. People react in different ways, so it’s vital to do a small patch test on your skin before using any new product. This could save a whole host of issues further down the line.

Worsen pre-existing conditions

Although some essential oils claim to help conditions, it seems as though some could merely make the problem worse than it already is. People with heart conditions or asthma might find their conditions grow worse if they inhale certain oils. It’s advised anyone should always talk to a trained aromatherapist before embarking on a new type of treatment.

Are essential oils actually good for your health?


Oils aren’t just used in aromatherapy or on the body; they can also be consumed by those looking to take their essential oil experience one step further. However, not oils are safe. In fact, some essential oils are fatal if consumed! It’s always best to quadruple check the dangers before ingesting an essential oil.

Are essential oils actually good for your health?

With so many side effects, it can be hard to see the benefits of these essential oils. However, all hope might not be lost. There have been many studies to test how well these oils work, and it seems as though every person has a different experience. It’s thought that opening our minds and embracing the fact they might make a difference in our lives is one of the best ways to get the full benefits from essential oils.

There are so many essential oils out there that all come with their own list of benefits and side effects, but they all have different effects on different people. As long as we ensure we use them according to the label, check all the warnings, and use them as we are supposed to, then it seems as though essential oils could potentially have some benefits we’re looking for.