Which denim style is the right one for you?

Let’s be honest – denim jeans are our best friends. They can be worn when we’re looking to go dressy-but-not-too-dressy, they can be worn when we’re just chilling out at home and binge-watching Netflix, they can be worn when we’re painting our bedrooms, or they can be worn while simply working in the office. Although we all have jeans in our closet, do you have any idea if you have the right kind of jeans for your body shape? Here’s which denim style is the right one for you…

The boyish look

If you have a boyish body shape, you are both slender and athletic – and a lot of women are pretty darn jealous of this. Yet, have you ever struggled to find jeans that look good on you? It might be because you’ve been shopping for the wrong ones all this time. Those who have this boyish shape would do well to opt for vintage high-rise jeans that have a tapered leg. These will show off your slender figure, and your height.

Which denim style is the right one for you?

The hourglass

If you have been blessed with an hourglass figure, you have curves in all of the right places, with a tiny waist that you just need to show off. Because of this, always try to opt for slim high-rise jeans. Not only will these jeans give you the chance to show the world just how small your waist is, but these jeans will also help to streamline your hips and your legs to ensure that you look as chic as possible.

The petite look

Although most department stores offer specific sections for petite women, they might not offer these lucky ladies the right kind of denim to suit their shape. While those with a petite frame can wear skinny jeans, the styles that reach down to the ankles often make these women look shorter than they are. By wearing a cropped, straight-leg jean, you can give off the impression that you have a little more height to give.

The curves

If you have a curvy body shape, you might find it impossible to find jeans that fit you properly in all of the right places. In the end, you might just give up completely. However, we don’t want you to give up – because the ‘70s kick flare is the perfect denim for you. If you have larger thighs and a larger bottom, you need to balance out these areas. By adding a flare into the mix, you can do just that. These jeans also feature a cool high-rise waist that will tuck in your stomach and make you look sleek and stylish.

Which denim style is the right one for you?

The pear-shape

Buying the right kind of jean for a pear-shaped woman is all about getting the proportions just so. To counter your rounded hips and top half of your body, it’s important to give the bottom half of your body a little bit more. This is why flared jeans will be your new best friend. A wide leg or flare will add that extra bit of shape to your appearance and will look perfect for any occasion.

Looking to buy your next pair of jeans? Well, we think it’s about time you bought the right type of denim for you.