Debunked myths about ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians were among the most advanced civilizations on the planet. It’s clear that they had a lot of history and they were incredibly advanced. Consider the Great Pyramids, and how complex they were to construct. Think about how much of an influence the Egyptians have had on the modern world, and how much we look up to them.

Whether it’s the Sphinx, the pyramids, hieroglyphics, or Cleopatra, we’re sure you’ll know something about the Egyptians. But, not necessarily everything we know is right, or even factual. There are so many facts bandied about concerning the Egyptians that it stands to reason some of them would be false. So, here is a list of some of the things you always thought were true about Ancient Egypt, but actually aren’t.

The pyramids were built to store grain

Many people originally believed that the pyramids were built to store grain. It seems silly when you say it out loud, doesn’t it? But, this is a genuine falsehood that many people have long believed as being true. The theory is thought to have started in the Middle Ages, but has actually grown over time, and was even brought up by presidential hopeful Ben Carson. There is no logical sense to this theory, and a pyramid would be one of the least efficient structures for holding grain, due to the fact there isn’t much room inside. We can safely debunk this one, and say that people got a little too carried away!

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They were in contact with aliens

One of the more popular myths surrounding Ancient Egypt was the idea that the Egyptians were in contact with aliens. This appears to have stemmed from the belief that aliens were responsible for constructing the pyramids. Much of this belief stems from how advanced the pyramids were, and the fact that many felt that Egyptians would not have been able to construct them back then. However, this is clearly preposterous, and the construction of the pyramids was perfectly possible for the engineers, scholars, and architects of the time. Also, many of the murals that were alleged to depict aliens are actually hieroglyphics and murals that can be interpreted as being multiple different things.

Slaves built the pyramids

A popular, but false, theory is that the Ancient Egyptians used slave labor to construct the pyramids. Now, this seems a fairly logical assumption, as it would have required thousands of workers to actually build the pyramids. However, this was debunked when the remains of pyramid workers were found buried with Pharaohs – an honor never bestowed upon slaves. More likely the pyramids were constructed by skilled workers who were hired to do the job. The Pharaohs would have wanted people who knew what they were doing. Archaeological evidence also points to the fact that workers on the pyramids were treated well.

These are just a few of the false things that people have believed about Ancient Egypt over the years. Some of the falsehoods have logic behind them, whereas others seem far-fetched and illogical. The Egyptians were one of the most advanced and progressive civilizations in the world and set the benchmark for the future. These are just a selection of the falsehoods you might have been led to believe about Ancient Egypt, and we are happy to debunk them!

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