What is the deal with meditation and why is everyone doing it now?

Meditation is becoming very popular nowadays and it has even been found that more than double the amount of people are meditating now than compared to 5 years ago. The reasons for this are abundant and all quite sound. They can help with stress, anxiety, and even depression reduction. If you are suffering from insomnia perhaps this is the answer for you!

Stress reduction

This is probably the most common reason why people oftentimes turn to meditation. Have you ever told someone you are feeling stressed and have them respond with “you should maybe consider trying meditation”? The reason people always recommend or turn to meditation when stressed is that it actually does reduce stress and helps you deal with it much better. Studies have also shown the more stressed you are the better meditation is at helping lower your stress. The reduction in stress is much more significant. Meditation can also help with all kinds of things in your life.

What is the deal with meditation and why is everyone doing it now?

Improves control over anxiety

If you are feeling less stressed and dealing with stress better, then it will naturally lower your anxiety as well. Studies have found that people who meditate suffer from fewer anxiety attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorders, phobias, and paranoid thoughts. Meditation can also reduce general anxiety caused by daily stressors from life like work and driving and help you relax after work much faster.

Improves emotional health

It has been found that people who meditate have better self-images, self-confidence, and lower rates of depression. This means that people are feeling happier and more positive after meditating.

Improves your attention span

There is something called focused-attention meditation that is like weightlifting for your brain and literally trains it to focus and concentrate better. This is brilliant for students or adults that need to concentrate for long periods of time. It has even been found that it can reverse patterns of mind wandering, worrying and poor attention.

What is the deal with meditation and why is everyone doing it now?

Improves sleep

Most of us have struggled with insomnia at one point in our lives and for some people, it can even be a constant struggle. It has been found that people who meditate fall asleep sooner and stay asleep for longer compared to people who do not meditate. If you meditate before bed it can help prevent racing thoughts, which is often the cause for insomnia, and help prepare your body for that relaxing sleep state.

You can do it anywhere

You can meditate anywhere and at any time, all that you need is about 5-10 minutes in an uninterrupted space. Some work environments have even started providing spaces where individuals can go to meditate in the form of gardens or private rooms. If you are especially prone to anxiety or stress, or even perhaps going through a rough patch, it is suggested to meditate as many times per day as you need. You will see that it gets you through tough times much better than popping a Xanax ever will!

Meditation reduces pain

It has been found that meditation is even better than morphine at reducing pain! It is especially useful in helping with pain associated with osteoarthritis, headaches, and other chronic conditions that cause pain.