How to cram for an exam without losing your mind

Exams are tough, they require you to remember several months worth of course material and cram all that knowledge into a two-hour exam. Although we often intend on making sure we study during our time at school or college, we often leave it all to the last minute and end up having to cram all the information into our heads as the exam date gets closer and closer. Cramming can be hard to deal with, it requires intense concentration and focus, so we have a few tips to help you get through the all-night cramming sessions.

Turn off social media

If there is one thing that can prove to be a real distraction for us, it’s social media. Not just when cramming for an exam but throughout daily life. Barely an hour goes by without us checking in on the latest from our social feeds and once we begin checking we can lose so much time scrolling through. You’re going to need to concentrate as much as possible when cramming so getting rid of a huge distraction like social media will give you a better chance of making the grade.

How to cram for an exam without losing your mind

Learn big

If you’ve left all your studying to the very last minute then time really is of the essence you can’t get hung up on the finer details, you need as much information as possible. Make sure you focus much of your attention on what the key details and big ideas are from your subject material. Work out the things most likely to be on the test and ensure you have a good understanding of them. That way you’ll be able to have a basic grasp of the concepts and details covering all bases for your exam.

Gather your materials

If you’re pulling an all-nighter, you can’t be wasting 30 minutes heading to the store to get some pens, notepads, or energy drinks to keep you going. Work out all of the materials, food, and drinks you’re going to need for the evening and ensure you have them before you begin cramming. This can save you lots of time wasted by trying to find an extra pen at the back of a forgotten drawer. Get your notes in order before you begin cramming and then you’re good to go!

Timing is important

You’re going to need to work out a schedule to ensure you remain focused and cover everything. Many people work on the basis of studying for some time before taking a short break to give their mind a rest and recharge their batteries a little. Try studying for 50 minutes and then giving yourself a 10-minute break in between. This will give your brain enough time off to relax, while not taking too long that you will struggle to get going when looking at your notes once again.

How to cram for an exam without losing your mind

It’s all about the rewards

You need to give yourself some incentive to carry on studying, otherwise you’re more likely to give up before you’ve finished. Set yourself goals and targets so that when it’s time for your break you can give yourself a little treat. That might be a bowl of ice cream, a bit of chocolate, or perhaps just a walk around the block to clear your mind briefly. Try to stick to your targets and don’t allow yourself the treat if you haven’t achieved what you set out to.

Cramming is often essential to ensure you get a good grade on your exam. Sure you’ve put in the hard work during the year, but this is the final push to ensure that it’s all worth it and the information is at the forefront of your mind when doing your exam.