College student gets an early Christmas surprise – a room full of gifts

Imagine walking into your room after a long day and coming face to face with a pile of objects in wrapping paper, all over your room – literally, your entire room full of gifts. It’s an amazing thought, right? Well, that’s exactly what a student at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri, walked into. Wouldn’t you love to be in her shoes?

Room full of presents

It might be hard to imagine what the young student had done over the semester to deserve such a warm gesture. After all, only an amazing person would be in for such luck. One thing is for sure though – she has roommates who are super cheeky and fun loving. Because as Hannah soon found out, it was actually her own possessions that had been wrapped up. What a bummer.

Christmas spirit

It would have been nice to really receive a room full of gifts, but the gesture itself was a warm one, and even funny. There’s a video that documents the incident. Hannah comes home to her apartment to find everything has been gift-wrapped. Her roommates must have spent most of the day doing the wrapping, since they wrapped everything they could get their hands on, including the bed, all of the clothes in the closet, and anything else that is practically wrappable! Let’s blame it all on the Christmas spirit.

No Santa

No, Santa had absolutely nothing to do with this prank. All credit goes to Hannah’s roommate, Andrea. According to her friends, Hannah had mentioned that she didn’t like Christmas very much. This must have shocked them, since they couldn’t possibly imagine why their friend wouldn’t jump onto the festive bandwagon and be merry. After all, it’s also the one time they get a break from endless all-nighters in college! That’s why Andrea rounded up a few more mischievous pals and decided to give Hannah the ultimate Christmas experience.

Christmas attitude

We can only wonder whether Hannah’s attitude towards Christmas has changed. The gesture from Andrea probably made an imprint on her. A room full of presents, albeit not real ones, would have a lasting impression on anyone. Maybe Andrea wanted her to imagine the possibility of having real presents one day, even if it was just a prank this time. One thing is for sure though – Hannah did experience the Christmas feels on that one day. Let’s hope she liked it.

Another room full of… stuff

After Andrea demonstrated just how far she could go to try to convince her roommate of the joys of Christmas, Hannah should probably watch her moves – and words. Her roommate is obviously capable of filling up her room with other things that correspond to whatever situation is at hand.

Wouldn’t we all love a room full of presents for Christmas? Or is that too much to ask of Santa? If we’re lucky enough, we’ll get our own personal Santas in our lives, just like Hannah. Here’s to hoping that they bring us the real thing and not a room full of prank presents.