Your children understand you better than you think

Children are wonderful additions to any family that can make any house a home. However, when they are younger, it’s hard to strike up a conversation with a toddler. But what if we told you that your child might be taking more in than you thought? Yup, it looks as though your children understand you better than you think.

The language barrier

Learning the English language is a hard task for anyone – even some adults still seem to struggle. That is why it’s so amazing that children learn around 50 words by their first birthday. Although they know what word matches up with what object, these youngsters can’t speak sentences and get confused by longer words. They tend to stick with the one-syllable nouns. However, just six months later these toddlers can all of a sudden be learning nine words a day. A day?! Where do they get it all from?

Grasping the basics

Immediately after babies are born, they start hearing all the sounds the world has to offer. These are crucial for learning a language. As soon as all those adorable noises begin to come out of these youngsters you know they are starting to learn how to talk. From there, it is onto learning one syllable at a time. As their language gets bigger, they develop all the skills needed to make sentences. So how can they understand us if the language takes so long to learn?

Starting young

Believe it or not, but research has proved that children as young as six months can pick up on our words. A recent study tested the theory to see just how smart these babies really are. The infants were laid down and shown two pictures. Special technology then tracked their eyes to see which one they were watching when they hear certain words. Amazingly, it showed that the babies were tracking the words that were being said!

Explosion of language

When a toddler turns 18 months old they suddenly become aware of so many more words in the world. For the next three months these youngsters turn into sponges as they absorb all the incredible language floating around them. However, when this happens the youngsters also begin to understand what words mean – the good and the bad. As soon as they have a concept of a word these children begin to understand what it is we’re saying.


A child hear their name and they realize you are talking about them – they have finally put two and two together. Unfortunately they can also realize when you are talking about negative parts of the day, even if you aren’t talking to them. So next time you complain about something your child did wrong in the day, just know they could understand every word you say – even if they can’t say the words themselves just yet.

Whoever would have thought that these little bundles of joy could understand us at such a young age? We know the human brain is an incredible thing, but maybe we could learn a thing or two from these toddlers? After all, we’re missing our nap times.