Cats and their unexplained love of boxes

Cats are strange, aren’t they? Sure, their feline antics and viral videos have kept us entertained over the years. But they have some peculiar habits. The random running around at 4 am, the intense stare, the rubbing up against furniture – what does it all mean? Although we might not be able to get answers to all our questions, there is one that might be simpler than we once thought. So just why do cats love boxes after all?

It gives them time to think

Yes, cats need their own time as much as anyone else. So what better way to get some peace and quiet than by climbing into a cardboard box and ignoring the rest of the world? Exactly. Studies have shown that many cats find a box to lay in when they are feeling stressed. In fact, felines that had access to boxes were much calmer than those that didn’t.

They feel protected

Sitting inside a box might not be the most spacious place to spend the day, but it ensures cats are protected from all sides. Once inside, cats know there is only one entrance to their hiding place. There’ll be no surprise attacks while these cats are lying in wait! This can also help cats to feel less stressed as they no longer have to be on the lookout for any dangers. Instead, they can focus on sleeping for 22 hours a day.

It’s nice and warm

If you’re feeling cold, one of the best ideas can be curling up into a ball underneath a blanket, right? So why can’t your cat do the same? Boxes tend to be cozy on the inside, and felines want to take full advantage of the temperatures on offer. After all, their core temperature tends to be 20 degrees Fahrenheit higher than a human’s. These cats might need all they can to stay warm in the winter.

They’re anti-social

We know it might be hard to believe, but it looks as though the rumors might have been true after all. Cats are pretty anti-social creatures. Let’s be honest; we’re sure many of us would rather climb into a box half the time rather than talk to people. Who can blame cats for wanting to hide? To top it off, felines are more likely to abandon their problems rather than face them head-on. Hiding in a box offers up the perfect escape from the real world. Room for one more?

Boxes are great scratching posts

No matter how hard they try, most cats just can’t fight the urge to scratch. This behavior helps keep their claws clean and sharp in case they need them. It’s also a way for cats to mark their territory thanks to the scent glands in their feet. Cardboard boxes are the perfect thing to scratch, and therefore can quickly become your cat’s new best friend and hiding place.

They’re a great pouncing place

Cats are natural born hunters that rely on all their skills to catch their prey out in the wild. To make the catch, cats need somewhere to watch from afar while still being able to pounce out when they’re ready. Although they might not have to catch their own food anymore, cats still have this instinct inside. Boxes are the perfect camouflage for any feline looking to get in touch with their wild side, even if they are stalking a sock or laser pointer instead of a mouse.

While we are spending our time thinking outside the box, it looks as though cats are thinking inside the box. And who can blame them after finding out why cats love boxes? In fact, we think we might go place a large online order. We don’t need anything, but the bigger the box, the better.