Can thought create reality?

Can thought actually create reality? Well, that is a very interesting and philosophical question, but the answer is that it is quite possible. In order to create your own reality, you need to have very strong thought power.  Every single thing that we perceive in the physical world comes from the inner world, the one that cannot be seen, however, exists within your beliefs and thoughts. But in order to control your destiny, you need to learn how to take charge of your everyday thoughts.  If you manage to do this, you will have the ability to bring the things you wish to have into your life.  You will start to see that your thoughts, in fact, create your reality.

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For everything that happens, there is an inner cause. Each effect you perceive in the physical world has a certain reason for its occurrence, and it comes from what is happening inside your brain and mental world.   And this is what thought power is all about.  In other words, your life results are based on your beliefs and thoughts.  Circumstances merely reveal character, they do not create it.

However, for most people, this is a difficult concept to understand, believe and make happen.  The opposite is most commonly thought, that circumstances define the way we will think or feel.  The power of thought is very undermined because it is so difficult to achieve this power.  It is seriously an inside job to be able to create your own reality because it can only come from yourself and your own will and strengths.

It is further important to understand that the power of your thoughts has no limits.  Your mind is part of something called the Universal Mind, and your thoughts come from this mind. Therefore your thought power has no boundaries as well.  From the moment you come to the realization that your mind holds all of the power then you will be granted with the incredible source of infinite power and belief that everything is possible.

Teachers and mystics of the world have always believed that energy is found within everything, and this has also been proven by science. Thoughts are energy as well, and they are alive, believe it or not. So every time that you think a certain thought, you emit a vibration of energy.

Similar to the Law of Attraction, energy attracts similar energy.  You attract yourself not only to people but to situations as well that are on the same level of your dominant frequency.  Your dominant frequency is created by your dominant attitude, beliefs, and thoughts.

It should also be noted that not all thoughts are the same. The power of a thought is based on how much you think about it and your passion towards it.  The more you invest into a specific thought, then the stronger the attraction will be to the circumstance.  Your small thoughts that pass through your mind do not have the same power and your strong thoughts.

In order to change your life for the better and be in the best possible circumstances, surrounded by the best people, you must learn how to reprogram the way that your subconscious mind thinks. The most effective and simple way to do so is through creative visualization. This takes your thoughts to imagine something consciously and turns your thought power into images, and therefore reality.