How to break your writer's block

Writers don’t have it easy, despite what we may think. Every day they face the same struggle against the blank page, and this can often be pretty daunting. And all writers, at one point in their life, will suffer from writer’s block. This is where the mind goes blank, and they just simply cannot write anything, or feel creative in any way.
Now, of course, as a writer, this is kind of a problem because your bread and butter is in your writing. And, if you can’t write, you can’t work, and so you can’t get paid. The problem is, there is no quick fix to writer’s block, much as we might like to click our fingers and get rid of it. Instead, we need to come up with some awesome ways of breaking the block. These are some of the most successful ways of breaking writer’s block today.

How to break your writer’s block

Go for a walk

It’s often said, but it’s also completely true – if you are struggling with writer’s block, make sure you head out for a walk. Bering out in the open, getting some fresh air, and convening with nature is great for clearing your head. It will help to relax you and calm you down, and the beautiful surroundings could prove highly inspirational as well. Furthermore, when you go for a walk you get out and about and exercise, and we all know how good it is for you to be active and get the blood pumping.

Do something else

Sometimes, when we are too close to something, we can’t see the flaws in it. And sometimes when writers are too burnt out, they can’t write anymore. That is why it’s essential to take a break now and again and do something else. By doing this you recharge the brain cells, you relax, and you forget about the stress of having writer’s block. This will allow inspiration to come to you much more easily, as well as giving you a break from stressing and worrying.

Read a book

It’s important to relax your brain, but also keep it stimulated – that’s one of the reasons why reading is so important. You learn more, and you absorb knowledge when you read, and this is so important for helping to inspire you. Also, if a book is good, you will be more likely to get involved and engrossed in it, which will take your mind off whatever it is you are struggling with when writing. When absorbing someone else’s work, you develop inspiration for how to improve and benefit your own work in the process.

How to break your writer’s block

Listen to music

Music can be soothing and helps to unlock the more creative areas of the brain, and for that reason, it is one of the best ways of combating writer’s block. If you’re finding it tough, lying on the bed and listening to music can be a great way of helping with that sort of thing. It’s especially useful, and therapeutic if you exercise during as well – to really get those brainwaves working and help inspire yourself as much as possible.
As you can see, there are a fair few ways to shift that pesky writer’s block. Always keep in mind that you are going to need to sit down and start writing again eventually. But these are really great ideas to help keep you inspired and motivated, even when you are suffering from bad writer’s block.

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