Does birth season affect personality?

Have you ever wondered if the season you were born in affects your personality? Well according to astrology, the position of the Earth, as well as the moon, sun and stars at the exact time of your birth actually really influences personality.  Although scientists have argued this for several years, there was a small study in Hungary that did find that personality may be affected by the season of birth.

This does not mean you should go and purchase tarot cards and book a session with an astrologer, however. There were no causal links found between personality and birth season in this research, there was merely a correlation that is causing researchers to want to look further into this.

Researchers really do not know very much about the specific mechanisms that involved, but they are delving into seeing if there are genetic markers that are related to mood disorder and season of birth.

Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD is a depressive disorder that affect millions of people throughout the winter months, when there are less hours of daylight.  There is little knowledge about what natural sunlight actually does for the brain, perhaps it causes lowered levels of serotonins, or disrupts the circadian sleep rhythms. Although there is no specific study on this, there is a possibility that these factors affect a pregnant mother and those symptoms get passed onto her fetus during the development stage.

There have been biochemical studies that have proven that the season of birth does have an influence on some neurotransmitters, for example serotonin and dopamine. These studies have made researchers think that birth season might have a greater effect on adult life, and basically it appears as though birth season can either decrease or increase your chances of getting certain mood disorders.


In the study, those who were born in spring were more likely to have a hyperthymic temperament, meaning they are extremely positive. Those who were born during the summer months were found to be hyperthymic as well, however also have a highly cyclothymic temperament.  Summer babies are the most likely to be incredibly positive, but they were also more likely to have mood swings.

Babies who were born in autumn were a great deal less depressed in comparison to those who were born in the winter season. People born in the winter are found to be the most irritable compared to the other seasons.

These results need to be taken in proportion and understand that the study was rather small, as well as self-reported. Furthermore, the conditions of someone growing up in Hungary are very different than yours probably. So we still do not have a very solid answer on this topic unfortunately.