The Best Wine Apps For Wine Lovers

If, like us, you always prefer to order wine, even in a bar where you know people will look at you funny, and you think a meal isn’t complete without a glass of vino to set the tone, then this is the place for you. We have found the top apps for wine lovers; our lives have never been the same since.

  1. Delectable

This lovely little app lets you snap a photo of the bottle you’re drinking and it’ll pull up its ratings, reviews from other app participants, and tasting notes to help you get the most out of your wine. This one is also a form of social media app for wine lovers, it’ll let you follow others and see what they are drinking, this list includes sommeliers and wine makers among others.

  1. Vivino

Another photo label recognizer on the market, does just that but adds a little twist to it. If for whatever reason the wine you are drinking isn’t on the app, the team behind the app will make sure to add it. You can search any wine you want before you order it, a kind of opposite way of working things – find the wine first on the app and then order it if they have it.

  1. Hello Vino

This one is less for the wine lover at a restaurant and more for the wine shopper in shops and the like. This app will help you scan the labels and create a form of personal wine journal. The app will also pair the wine with the appropriate food for the wine choice you ended up making.

  1. Drync

Drync lets you take a photo of the wine you are drinking and give notes on it – whether you hated it or loved it (which we could never actually remember in the end because there have been so many bottles in our lives). Friend’s on the app can recommend wines to you, which is a win win situation in our book.

  1. WineRatings+

This one is a serious app, for serious wine coinsures. Here you will be able to get the most amount of information per bottle than you could ever imagine to find. You can find vintage wines on this baby, and the information is broken down to date, flavors and any other form of thoughts about the wine you could possibly imagine.

  1. Cellar Tracker

For the wine collector among us. If you are the one who collects wine at home then this app is for you; once you put the bottle in your cellar or wine fridge, you can input the information into the app and it’ll keep track of your stock.
cellar tracker

  1. Winery Passport

Ah, this one is for us. For the wine lover who goes to wineries in their free time. The app will help you discover new wineries as well as let you input notes into your winery visit. You essentially ‘stamp’ your wine passport each time you go to a certain winery and the app will keep track of where you have been and where you should also go.
Wine Passport

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