The best ways to avoid germs while flying

Cold and flu can be flying around all the time, and, no matter where you go, you are susceptible to it. It’s all well and good avoiding that sick colleague at work in the build-up to your vacay, but it’s no good if you’re picking up an illness once you get on the plane. Planes, unfortunately, are the sort of environment where germs are everywhere, so your chances of getting sick increase.

So, what can you do to make sure you don’t get sick? Well, this is the million dollar question, right? Nobody wants their holiday ruined by the fact that they got ill from something they caught on the plane. But the rub of it is that you have to get on the plane in order to reach your destination. So, here are some of the techniques we recommend you use to avoid germs while you’re airborne.

Wear a mask

You can get hold of those surgical masks, like the ones you see nurses or doctors wearing in hospitals. These are actually a really great way of keeping germs at bay, and you might even have seen people wearing them on flights before. This most regularly happens when people are traveling to countries with high levels of pollution, such as China. But, these masks are also excellent for keeping you from breathing in germs.

Hand gel

Another excellent option is to pack a bottle of hand gel with you so you can keep your hands clean as often as possible. This is not just an option for people who are germophobic, and it’s a really great way of keeping you healthy. You don’t know who has touched the surfaces of the plane, and your seat, so it’s best to take measures that will help you to keep germs off your hands as much as you possibly can.

Nasal spray

When you take your seat on the plane, you should also make sure you have a small bottle of nasal spray with you in your carry on. The reason behind this is fairly simple – mucous membranes in our noses protect us from germs and other infections that might be flying about. The air and altitude in an airplane can dry our noses out, so the mucous is no longer effective, hence the need for the nasal spray.

Choose the right seat

Incredibly, the seat you pick can actually have an impact on helping you avoid germs. The best seats to pick are the ones near the front or back of the plane, as more germs will be concentrated around the middle. You also need to make sure you choose the window seat if possible. Yes, it will have less leg room, but there will also be less exposure to viruses and germs in the air from other passengers.

Avoiding germs when you’re on an airplane is no easy feat, but it also doesn’t prevent you from trying. Using some of the techniques we’ve suggested, you can be well placed to ensure you avoid germs and stay healthy for as long as possible. Don’t let other people’s germs ruin your vacation – take action now.