Best plants to grow in a tiny apartment

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to make your cosy apartment extra charming? A few plants here and there ought to do the trick! If space is a big consideration, fret not – there are plenty of great choices that give you that clean and green feel without turning your unit into a forest. Read on to see some top picks for the best plants to grow in a tiny apartment!


Heading the list of the best plants to grow in a tiny apartment are these chic, IG-worthy greenery – and with good reason. Succulents are amazingly flexible because they are able to live almost anywhere. You can display them in glass terrariums or sweeten up a tiny corner by placing a teacup with a succulent in it.

The best plants to grow in a tiny apartment

2.Aloe Vera

A small pot or two of aloe vera lends an herbalist vibe to any cosy home, with the upside of having a medicinal plant right at your fingertips. Aloe Vera plants are easy to care for and work in a pinch if you need a hair or scalp conditioner, or something to soothe your skin if you get burned or develop allergies.

3.Spider Plant

There might be many modern picks on the list of the best plants to grow in a tiny apartment, but the classic Spider Plant is a hat tip to the past. These non-toxic lookers are very easy to grow and work well as a tabletop or floor decorative. This little looker is something your mom would surely approve of.

4.English Ivy

If tiny leaves that seem voluminous are more your thing, then the English Ivy is something you can consider for your small space. You can hang or dangle its vines off a shelf or coax its green leaves and its trailing stems to grow upwards, topiary-style.

The best plants to grow in a tiny apartment

5.Boston Ferns

Boston ferns are fast-becoming a favorite among the low-key apartment dwelling set, because they practically take care of themselves. You’ll find this ruffle-leaved plant in bathrooms because it thrives in high-humidity places. A tiny pot next to your bin of hand towels is all you need to style up your bathroom.

6.Staghorn Ferns

Another type of fern makes it to the list of the best plants to grow in a tiny apartment, but this time it comes with the added benefit of cleaning your air! Staghorn ferns have fronds that shoot out in different directions, channelling a modern and artsy unpredictability that blends in well with minimalist urban abodes. If you have one, you’d best mount it on a wooden plaque and display it on a vertical space to create maximum impact.


Also known as an air plant, Tillandsia is best placed in a hanging globe next to a cheery window if you are looking to add visual interest in a vertical space. It’s also very hard to kill an air plant because a light spray of water every couple of weeks is all you need to do to take care of it. A small pop of color (usually in bright pink or vibrant purple) is also an option since many air plants have bright and cheery hues.
If you’ve yet to add some greens to your home, these top picks for a tiny space will definitely do the trick. A few pots of different varieties should be enough to add more warmth to any cosy dwelling.

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