The best mentors you can learn from in Masterclass

We all have people we look up to and admire, generally those in the public eye who have achieved great success in their lives. No matter what field it might be in, there are people who you can look at as mentors and heroes of yours. These are people we aspire to be like, many of whom we want to learn from. Celebrities have a glamorous life, and we often want to live their lifestyle, but we also wish we could do the things that they do.

Well, with Masterclass you can work toward that. This is a site that offers online classes taught by some of the most successful, talented, and revered celebrities in the world. If you want to learn about an area that particularly interests you, make sure you head to the Masterclass website and check out the courses they have. Here are some of the best mentors you can learn from in Masterclass.

James Patterson – Writing

James Patterson is something of an institution these days, churning out novels at a superhuman rate. As the author of 19 consecutive New York Times #1 bestsellers, it’s fair to say Paterson knows a thing or two about writing! James will teach you how to create 3-dimensional characters, write snappy dialogue, and keep readers turning page after page. They say everyone has one book in them, well, this class could very well be the key to unlocking yours!

Serena Williams – Tennis

Is there a more remarkable athlete in the world right now than Serena Williams? The 39-time Grand Slam winner is one of the greatest tennis players in history and shows no signs of slowing down. You always want to learn from the best, and that’s why, if you’re a tennis enthusiast, Serena’s class is a must for you to watch. Learn mental and physical techniques that will help you to improve your game, and work on perfecting your serve. Serena teaches everything she knows in this easy-to-follow and exclusive class.

Gordon Ramsay – Cooking

Chef Ramsay, as he’s known Stateside, is best known for spitting expletives on frenetic reality TV cooking show Hell’s Kitchen. But, aside from that, he’s a wildly talented guy, and budding chefs can learn a lot from his class here. He teaches techniques to help you cook perfectly, as well as tips and anecdotes from his own experiences that will help stand you in good stead. Gordon Ramsay is a household name in the world of celebrity chefs, and his advice is invaluable to anyone wanting to get into the industry.

Christina Aguilera – Singing

As one of the most talented singers of all-time, multi-platinum selling Christina Aguilera is the ideal mentor to help you perfect your voice. This incredible woman has done it all in the music world and has even made the transition into acting as well. Use the lessons and techniques from the 6-time Grammy Award winner to help improve and perfect your vocal style. Sassy, direct, and informative, Aguilera shares no-holes-barred advice for the budding popstars of tomorrow!

These are just some of the amazing mentors you can choose to help you improve and advance in your passion. We all have a range of different hobbies, interests, and dreams, and the way to achieve those is through hard work and learning. Always look to learn and improve from the best, and these Masterclass courses are one of the best ways to go about doing that.