The best European music festivals you never heard of

When it comes to festivals, Europe has some of the best festivals on the planet. From bunting and bonfires in the Bulgarian mountains to raves in an the abandoned Polish coal mine, these unheard of festivals are the craziest, and leave you craving more. Without further ado, here is a list of the best European music festivals you never heard of:

The Meadows in the Mountains – Bulgaria

This festival is comprised of small stages set up in one of the most picturesque locations there is. It takes place in the secluded environment of the mountains, with the beautiful morning mist every day making the experience even better. You can camp out nearby or stay with locals in the village below.

The Southern Soul Festival – Montenegro

This festival takes place on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, on the Copacabana beach. It’s just three years old but still combines over 40 acts onto three stages along the beach. The festival boasts the best modern sounds and the best producers that the region has to offer. This year’s event featured some of the best artists, such as Dorian. It’s also bound to make you want to go back to Montenegro.

The best European music festivals you never heard of

The Festival Taurus Music – Poland

This festival sounds like a plot of horror movie. As scary as it may sound, it’s one of the most celebrated music festivals in Poland. The festival occurs between two mine shafts which operated from 1823 to 1999. It has an impressive line-up featuring U.S. rapper Taylor, the talented Fatima from London, and the legendary Jeff Mills.

The Mandrea Music Festival – Italy

Taking place in the heart of the stunning Dolomite mountains, this festival includes both dub and reggae songs. Some of the best known headliners include Max Romeo and Mad Professor. This laid back event is all about the music. There’s also lots to do In the surrounding areas – you can mountain bike, hike, or rock climb, among many other activities.

Traena Festival – Norway

Traena is one of the smallest municipalities in Norway. This annual event takes place on the rugged island, which is usually surrounded by birds and a sparkling ocean. With a total of 500 residents, everyone on the island participates in this event. The event features mostly Norwegian music.

The best European music festivals you never heard of

The Flow Festival – Slovenia

Through the past decades, the Flow Festival has had a reputation for bringing some of the world’s top contemporary artists. For the first time this year, Flow will be in Slovenia. The line-up is a good one to watch out for!

The MS Dockville – Germany

MS Dockville is a music festival that takes place on the river island, in Hamburg. It features colorful installations during the festival as well as a display of artwork.

Festival Yeah – France

The last but not the least on our list is the Festival Yeah! Commonly known as Baby of Laurent Gamier, it’s an easy going, boutique festival that occurs in the heart of a French town. This event is not only about the techno music, but also a good time with both friends and family. The music line up consists of a mix of rock music and folk.