Best countries for a winter vacation

Just because it’s the winter doesn’t mean we have to give up our dreams of a vacation. In fact, the best countries for a winter vacation can give us snow or sun no matter the time of year – and all with some of the best views! So, where do you want to go? It all depends on whether you want sun or snow!

New Zealand

Flying halfway around the world could have some major payoffs for anyone looking for some winter sun in this long and chilly season. While the northern hemisphere is busy with open fires and marshmallows, New Zealand is preparing for a long, hot summer instead. The national parks give us plenty to do outdoors, such as kayaking and hiking, while there are plenty of hidden caves and islands dotted all around the country that are just waiting to be explored. If you start to miss the snow, then the Franz Josef Glacier might still give you the fix you need – even in the peak of summer!

Best countries for a winter vacation


Canada is a country that seems to come alive underneath a blanket of snow. That’s right; the mountains can offer some of the best skiing or snowboarding in the world thanks to their predictable snowfall. That’s not all. There are so many winter activities, such as sledding, ice skating, and dog sleigh rides that offer up the perfect winter wonderland to anyone looking for some fun in the snow. As if that wasn’t enough, you could even be lucky enough to watch the Northern Lights as you take in this incredible landscape under the cover of night.


There is a reason that so many of us dream of a vacation to the Caribbean, and it looks as though the winter could be one of the best times to take in the third largest island on offer. Jamaica is surrounded by incredible beaches that endlessly blend into the crystal clear water, but it doesn’t end there. Visiting between December and April means you’ll get to enjoy the dry season – hopefully with no hurricanes in sight. Visitors will even be greeted to temperatures hovering in the 80s at this time of the year. Sounds pretty perfect to us!


The winter can conjure up many images. It seems as though all of these come to life in Switzerland – the country built to make the most of the snow. Many people flock to the area to enjoy the range of skiing and snowboarding destinations on offer, but there is so much more tucked away within the border. Switzerland is also filled with fondues of all types that will help you refuel after a busy day on the slopes. Plus, there are a number of other winter sports and ancient traditions throughout the season to keep most of us entertained.

Best countries for a winter vacation

Whether you’re looking for some sun to heat you up throughout the winter or a way to enjoy the snow in all its force – it seems as though there are plenty of the best countries for a winter vacation that should be enough to give you everything you need at the most wonderful time of the year.