The best apps for keeping your life organized

If your life is anything like ours, you are already too busy managing family, work, assignments, appointments, meetings, and the list goes on. You are probably thankful to the smartphone in your pocket that connects to the internet, with a calendar app to keep you on schedule. But chances are that you’re not utilizing your phone as much as you could be in order to help yourself stay organized.

In fact, there are thousands of apps like the calendar, that claim to actually organize our lives even better. But how do you find the right one for you? Here are a few apps that can help you remember your passwords, to-do-lists, documents, appointments, and more, and will also help you save time and remember your ideas. If you’re having trouble keeping all of your daily tasks straight and in order, and even if you’re not but want to try out a way to be more efficient, check out these great organization apps.


Evernote acts as a simple notepad or as a capture system. You can store text, pictures, music, screenshots, spreadsheets, links, and more, and access them later when you need them. You can also search and tag information on Evernote. Take a picture of a business card or to-do-list written on a sticky note and Evernote can search those words in the image. Tagging makes the search easier, and you can organize information inside notebooks. Professionals often use Evernote as a primary organizer.


Everything that we use has a password, from our bank account to every website we access. As encryption gets stronger, the passwords required need to be more complex. For each website you use, you should have different passwords. LastPass stores all your passwords in one place. You just need to remember the master password to access LastPass. It even stores online form information and fills it automatically on new sites, saving you time and energy.


Pocket lets you cache articles when you are browsing, save them, and revisit them when you have free time. It supports desktop browsers (via an extension), browser apps, email inboxes, and social media feeds. You can organize your collected videos and articles into categories to find them more easily later. Once you save a few stories, Pocket starts recommending related articles for your reading. You can even catch up your reading on Pocket when you have no internet connection because Pocket will cache it for viewing later. If you install it on more than one device, it can sync your articles as well.


This secure app is like a digital financial planner. It is owned by Intuit (the financial services firm behind QuickBooks and TurboTax). Once you enter your banking and credit card information, it keeps track of all your transactions and sorts all of your purchases according to categories. You can tabulate budgets with a few clicks and set goals for your savings (such as for a vacation), and even monitor your credit score.

All these apps work both on Apple and Android and are excellent choices to keep you organized and improve your efficiency.