How to become an early bird?

Some people are early birds, meaning that they wake up early excited to start their day and are full of energy. Night owls, on the other hand, are people that enjoy staying up late and could not possibly imagine getting into bed at an early hour, let alone waking up early in the morning. And that’s alright, there are all kinds of people, some people are simply not cut out to wake up early. It’s not a bad thing, everyone has different sleep cycles. However, if you need to wake up early to be able to accomplish all of your tasks and goals, then it certainly is possible if you make some changes in your habits.


The first way to become an early bird is simply to go to bed earlier. In order to wake up early, you need to give your body enough sleep to be able to wake up fully functioning. So, for example, a good start is that for every hour that you wake up earlier, go to bed an hour earlier.  Even if you are not tired because you are used to staying up later, get into bed anyway. Read a book until you fall asleep, you need to train yourself to adjust to this new schedule.

In order to be successful in becoming an early riser, you need to start small. Do not make drastic changes right away, do it gradually. Create a schedule for yourself that is realistic, stick to it and then once you get used to it you can start waking up earlier, and earlier. Another way to help you actually wake up early is keeping your alarm clock from your bed, this way you cannot just hit the snooze button and keep on sleeping. Place your alarm somewhere that will force you to get out bed. And stay up once you are up.


Establish a routine for yourself.  Create a morning routine that you do from the moment you wake up. Something as simple as making some coffee or washing your face. There really is nothing like cold water to wake you up in the morning. And if you are looking for something even more intense, you can always make it a habit of going on a morning run or even doing some sit-ups and push-ups in your room.

Making yourself a delicious, satisfying and healthy breakfast is another wonderful way to get yourself out of bed. Early birds often dream of waking up to their breakfast. Food is always a great motivation. And lastly, if you want to become an early bird, you really just have to stay disciplined and on track with your goal, and you will be an early riser in no time.