Beauty hacks that will change your life

We’ve all been there where we wake up and are just not having it. Things aren’t going right from the moment we crawl out of bed in the morning and we are not looking our best. Hey, it happens. Maybe our hair is greasy and flat, our nails need to be painted, or we have oily skin. Whatever the case, mornings are sacred and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Sometimes, though, we really do not have the time or energy to spend getting ready. No need to worry because you’re not alone and we’re here to help.

Whether you’re running late, you’re just a little bit lazy, or you’re simply not gifted in the art of makeup and hair prep, there are ways around spending hours primping each day. When it comes to beauty hacks, we like to think of it as still doing nearly the same tasks that everyone else does, but while getting creative. Think about it like this, why would you waste your precious time, energy, and money on something that you’re just going to wash away at some point later in the day anyway?

We like the idea of less is more when it comes to beauty products. Many can be used for multiple things or in lieu of another item. Also, rather than going out and buying something you don’t need, why not see if you have something lying around the house that can help you instead? Keep reading to learn some simple beauty hacks that will change your life for the better.

Say goodbye to greasy hair

Sometimes we do not have time to wash our hair or we just tend to have a little bit of an extra shine to our hair. Greasy hair can be a major bummer, but there are actually some greats tips you can use if you have to skip a wash. For instance, baby powder is a natural absorbent and can fix this problem right up. Simply rub some into your roots for a quick alternative to washing your hair. The powder will absorb the grease and leave your hair looking great without much effort at all. Just make sure to fully rub the substance in unless you’re going for the silver fox look.

Creative blotting paper alternatives

We’re all human and sometimes we get oily skin. It happens to the best of us, especially in the summertime with heat and humidity. Some of us run for the more expensive options such as foundation powder or blotting papers, but there are a few things you should try first. If you’re out, run to the restroom and grab a toilet seat cover – a weird choice, but it works wonders. Another possibility is going into your kitchen and finding a coffee filter. Lastly, something you can try if you have any lying around is tissue paper. These hacks can save you in a jam and there’s no need to apply more makeup or go out and buy blotting paper.

Where to apply perfume

Most women know the basic spots to apply perfume (neck and wrists). There are actually some other areas that we may have been neglecting over the years. Any part of your body that has a strong pulse or emits heat is the perfect place to add perfume because heat intensifies the scent, making it last longer. These spots besides the above mentioned are: behind your ears, inside your elbows, in your belly button, and backs of your knees. With this tip, you’ll be sure to smell fresh all day long.

Easy makeup remover

Makeup remover can pose a problem for us women, but we have to stick together and help each other out with the best ideas. Please do not run to the store and spend needless money on fancy products when what you have in your house is probably just fine. Take some coconut oil or vaseline and rub it onto your eyes and this will take off even the toughest of eye makeup. Once you finish, wipe off the residue with a facial wipe and then go about your evening.

Avoid mascara smudges on your eyelids

There are few things in the life more annoying than mascara smudges on your eyelids. What would you say if we told you this can be prevented? It’s actually really simple and requires something you probably have on hand anyway: business card, playing card, or index card. Grab one and place it on your eyelid behind your eyelashes. All you have to do now is apply mascara and any time you miss your lashes, the smears will end up on the card instead of on your face.

Clean up yellow teeth stains

Sometimes we don’t want to consult a dental professional for our teeth whitening needs and are looking for a quick, at-home remedy. One of the best ones around is baking soda. Add some of the white powder to either water or lemon juice (both work fine) and turn it into a paste. Swipe your toothbrush into the mixture and brush your teeth like normal to say goodbye to the yellow. This technique shouldn’t replace regular toothpaste and should only be done a few times a week to prevent damage.

Add cute designs to your nails yourself

Cute designs on nails are in style right now, but a manicure can really break the bank these days and adding designs usually costs extra. Keep your wallets in your bag, ladies. We can become professional manicurists all on our own with a surprising household item: toothpicks. You can use these little wooden sticks as dotting tools and make your nails look like you spent a lot of money on them. Some people also recommend bandaids, but this idea has not proven very successful.

Eliminate calluses and cracks on your feet

If we said manicures are expensive before, pedicures with proper callus and crack remover can be nearly double that price. There’s need to hit the nail salon when you can just rub vaseline on your heels and the balls of your feet before bed. Slip on some nice cushioned socks, crawl in for the night, and you’ll have healthy, soft feet in the morning when you wake up. If you want, you can add some peppermint scented moisturizer for a fresh smell, too.

How to have great smelling hair

It’s day two after a hair wash and though it’s not smelling foul, you want to add a fresh scent. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to smell fruity or flowery, hair included. You can totally put some of your favorite perfume in your hair to keep it smelling lovely. Alcohol can really dry out our hair, so it’s not a good idea to spray perfume directly onto our luscious locks. Instead, put some on your brush and then brush out that mane of yours.

Put the eyeshadow brushes down

Eyeshadow brushes are fun with all the different shapes and sizes. The really good quality ones, though, can be pricey. Why go out and spend money when you can just use your fingers to apply and blend your makeup for free? Take your palette and rub the colors on your fingers and then spread them over your lids – obviously make sure to wash your hands before and after. This may be a cheap trick, but it really does work and it prevents residual powder from getting all over your face.

Create easy beach waves

The secret to perfect waves will probably be something even our great granddaughters fight over. There are many different techniques that the people of Pinterest have suggested and some of them seem to work well. One option is the flatiron braid where you braid your hair, apply heat resistant spray, and run a flatiron over it. A second, heatless choice is braiding your hair, spritzing with water, and letting dry. Both give you loose, beach waves and can be a simple trick because they’re quick and pretty much effortless.

Make your perfume last longer

We all want to smell wonderful all the time and there really are some great perfumes to help with this. Have you noticed, however, that the scent usually wears off in the middle of the day? This could be because you’re spraying it on dry skin that is in need of a little moisturizer. Rub some fragrance-free lotion on the areas that you spray perfume on right before you spritz and you’ll notice the scent lasts much longer.

Don’t use a towel to dry your hair

The texture of the fabric in towels can leave our hair frizzy, staticky, and knotty. As most of us know, knotty hair can lead to split ends when we try to brush it and we all hate those. There’s an easy alternative to towels to dry your hair. The best one we’ve seen is t-shirts. Wrap one around you head and the material is ideal for drying your hair without the mess. You’ll quickly notice healthier looking hair when you unravel the shirt.

Get the perfect smokey eye look

Sometimes our pencil eyeliner just isn’t doing it for us. It’s dull, dry, and not looking the way we want it to. Lucky for us, we don’t have to rush to the nearest drugstore to buy a replacement. We just need a lighter. Take the pencil and hold the tip above the flame for a few seconds and that should do it. Let the eyeliner cool and test it on your hand before applying it to your lids. This tip helps create the smokey eye we all know and love.

Prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth

It’s a little embarrassing when someone has to tell you that you’ve got lipstick on your teeth. It makes us wonder how long it’s been there and how many people saw it without telling us. Thankfully, we’ve got 10 body parts that can help prevent this problem: our fingers. Apply your favorite lipstick and then pop a finger in your mouth and pull it out slowly. This will get any excess lipstick off the inside of your lips and therefore preventing it from getting on your teeth.

Skip the daily contouring

Some people like the Kardashian contour, but it’s not realistic for everyone. This face trick really only needs to be done for special occasions or nights out anyway. For your everyday look, why not just cover up any blemishes with concealer and call it quits? Let your true beauty shine through and ditch all the fancy stuff that you’re just going to spend 10 minutes washing off later. Trust us, your skin will thank you because it will be able to breath throughout the day, looking and feeling healthier.

Replace your blush with lipstick

While not all of us choose to use blush, many ladies out there swear by it. Something you should consider, though, is ditching the blush and using lipstick to get those rosy cheeks instead. All you have to do is take your favorite lipstick, apply some to your finger, and then rub it into your cheeks until you’ve got the perfect look you’re going for. Fashion magazines such as Vogue, Cosmo, and Allure have tutorials on this, which just proves that lipstick is a great replacement for actual blush.

Keep your bobby pins in place

Bobby pins sound like a great tool in theory, but in actuality, they are practically useless if you have thick or curly hair. They tend to fall out within a matter of minutes and after that it’s not even worth putting them back in. A great tip to avoid this is by spraying the bobby pins with hairspray or dry shampoo before sliding them into your hair. This makes them stick easier and therefore hold longer.

Stop washing your hair every day

Many girls have the assumption that they’re supposed to wash their hair every day. This is actually completely false. Constantly washing your hair strips the follicles of their natural oils and can cause damage, especially from the chemicals in most shampoos. You really only need to wash your hair two or three times a week. Unfortunately, some are blessed with naturally greasier hair and must scrub a dub daily to prevent this. Stop! Get dry shampoo instead. This will replace a wash and still keep your hair smelling nice.

Prevent dark circles from making you look tired

Let’s face it, sometimes we’re tired and have dark circles or bags under our eyes. We are only human, after all. Thanks to concealer, we can nearly cover those bad boys up for good. There is, however, a technique that is said to be the best. Rather than dotting the liquid under your eyes, or doing half circular moon shapes, you should actually do upside down triangles to create a more lifting appearance and make you look less tired.