Awkward royal wardrobe moments

Let’s be honest; the Royal Family totally rules. Okay, so that was a pretty bad joke, but there was an opportunity in front of us, and we just had to go with it. In all seriousness, though, the Royal Family have been a huge part of people’s lives for centuries, whether you live in the United Kingdom, one of the commonwealth nations, or elsewhere around the world. You can’t scroll through your social media feed without glimpsing an official announcement from Kensington Palace, a news report on the Queen and her love for Corgis, or the fact that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are fashion icons. Royal fever is everywhere, and we won’t be taking any medicine to cure it anytime soon.

Of course, it can often seem as though the Royals are pretty far removed from our everyday lives. They don’t have to work 9-5 to pay the bills and it’s very rare they’ll have a bad hair day. However, it seems as though they might not be quite as different as we think they are. Sure, they can’t wear their pajamas to the store because they can’t be bothered to put on real clothes, but they do often have wardrobe malfunctions like the rest of us. There have been clothing faux pas all over the shop, and the Royal Family will never not be snapped by the paparazzi when it happens. Nobody would bat an eyelid if we walked into work with food down our shirts because it’s definitely happened before, but when the Royals turn up to prestigious events with sweet potato soup down their uniforms, it’s front page news…

It’s pamper time

Being a human being is sometimes exhausting, and keeping up to date with your required pamper treatments can often seem impossible. After all, how are you supposed to be squeaky clean, smooth as a dolphin, perfectly manicured and pedicured, and cope with plastering makeup all over your face for every single event?!

Most of the time, you can cover up one of your shortcomings, but Kate Middleton realized she had made the wrong move when she was required to take off her shoes for an event. She definitely shouldn’t have missed that pedicure appointment.

Baby soon?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are 100% the couple of the year, and we’ve yet to find a single person who isn’t totally obsessed with them. Because of this, we were all over the moon to learn that Harry had popped the question and asked Meghan to marry him.

The subsequent weeks were full of adorable photo shoots and press junkets, including this one. Yet, some fans and news stations just couldn’t help but wonder if the conveniently-placed bow on her jacket was to hide a baby bump? Sadly, it wasn’t.

Blown away

We’re always blown away by the outfits that the Queen puts together because she always looks fabulous. Yes, she’s our style icon, and she has been for decades. Nevertheless, it seems as though she doesn’t just blow away her Royal subjects with her outfits, because on this particular occasion she also blew away her hat!

Okay, perhaps it was actually the wind that blew away her hat, but we’re going to pretend that it was her awesome persona. In true Lizzie form, the Queen styled this wardrobe malfunction out.

Stuck like glue

Kate Middleton is one of the coolest members of the Royal Family; but she’s not just a Duchess, a wife, a mother or a sister. She’s also just like the rest of us and loves to style up her outfit with some fancy high heels.

While they may not always be the most practical shoes in the world, Kate manages to pull this look off wherever she goes most of the time. However, things go a little haywire when drain covers come into play because she often needs a helping hand when her heels get stuck.

Gone with the wind

Since 2005, Camilla has been one of the family, and she has attended almost every Royal function known to the elite. Although it’s expected of her to dress formally for such occasions, this often causes a few problems – because formalwear and Mother Nature often don’t go hand in hand.

The wind was trying everything to ruin this pale blue ensemble for Camilla, but she wasn’t going to let herself get blown away. Instead, she grabbed her hat and her dress and rolled with it. Camilla 1 – 0 The Wind.

Walk tall, stand strong

It seems as though the Royal dress code is a little awkward for every female in the family because even the most expensive designer dresses can’t defy what Mother Nature has to offer.

During this Royal visit with her husband, Kate Middleton unintentionally followed in the footsteps of the legend that is Marilyn Monroe in this white ensemble – but just like Marilyn, Kate took it in her stride. She decided to walk tall and stand strong and let the wind do its worst. She’s fabulous, so she can handle it.

Black and white

Any fashionista will know that stripes are often pretty risky. Vertical stripes can make you look taller, but horizontal stripes may add a few extra pounds onto your figure – so you have to be sure that you can pull them off.

Luckily, Meghan could wear a potato sack, and it would still sell out in minutes. However, it seems as though some people didn’t like this awkward wardrobe choice. When Meghan made her way to an event with Prince Harry on this occasion, there were many who thought she looked older than her time. Ouch.

The sash problem

Although we definitely have a soft spot for the British Royal Family, they’re not the only ones who have suffered from awkward wardrobe malfunctions in the past. This lovely lady is Queen Rania of Jordan, who is normally the belle of the ball with her designer outfits and her extensive wardrobe.

However, her sash wasn’t exactly a fan of her outfit choice during this state dinner, because it just didn’t want to stay put! Rania had to spend the whole evening pushing it back onto her shoulders. What a chore.

When the gloves come off

You’ll be happy to know that it’s not just the women in the Royal Family who struggle with their outfit choices. After all, 2018 is all about equality, right? Although it may often seem easier and more comfortable for the men to wear their military uniforms, the gloves really come off sometimes – because they really do come off!

During this prestigious event, Camilla had to step in and save the day when Prince Charles just couldn’t cope with the fact that his gloves just kept sliding off his hands.

Getting wrapped up

Kate Middleton is one of the biggest style icons in the Royal Family, and everything she wears is utterly perfect for her. Since reigning supreme in the fashion world, she has tried new looks and worn different styles to see what works for her, and it’s fair to say that people fell in love with this blue wrap dress.

Yet, it seems as though Kate had a few teething issues with this new look, as the wrap dress soon became the unwrapped dress! Thankfully she was able to tie herself back up before making the headlines.

Losing the plot

We all know the story of Cinderella, right? After making her way to the ball and meeting Prince Charming, she loses her slipper and somehow makes her way back to her home with just one high heel on her foot.

Of course, we all know that it’s pretty difficult to run in just one high heel because it would be more of a gallop, which is probably why Princess Mary knew she had to go back and pick up her shoe when it fell off her foot. After all, a lady never gallops. She floats.

A fresh new ‘do

Adding a little wind into your selfie sessions is enough to get your likes through the roof, but apparently, Kate Middleton didn’t get the memo that it should just be a slight breeze rather than a full-on hurricane.

Yes, Kate got herself all dolled up for this Royal event, and her fresh new ‘do was as beautiful as ever. The wind was obviously feeling a little jealous so decided to huff and puff and blow her hair away, but Kate isn’t having any of it. She just smiled and waved, boys.

Legs eleven

Meghan Markle has made her way into the spotlight over the last few years, which means we’ve seen more photographs of her than we care to admit. Because of this, we like to think that were a bit of a Meghan expert and know just how tall she is supposed to look.

That’s why we were a little bemused when Meghan stepped out – quite literally – in these super long pants. Were they supposed to cover her shoes? Were they supposed to make her look way taller than she is? We have no clue.

Keeping them up

We love to keep up with the Royal Family, but not everyone can keep up with their hectic lifestyle. During this Royal visit, Kate Middleton visited a sports center and decided to get involved with all of the activities.

While she’s no stranger to getting her hands dirty and smashing the competition on the hockey field, her outfit choice just wasn’t playing ball on this occasion. Instead of holding up the competition, Kate had to hold up her jeans to make sure she didn’t show more than a Duchess should…

In stitches

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton just love a good coat jacket, which means that the whole world now loves a good coat jacket. That’s just the way it works. Because of this, the world went wild when Meghan stepped out into the street with this navy blue jacket in 2018.

However, they couldn’t help but notice something a little odd about the ensemble. In fact, it had some people in stitches, because Meghan and her team had inadvertently forgotten to remove the temporary stitching on the seam. Oops!

Rain rain go away

Although it may seem as though the Royal Family are living a life of luxury, they still have work to do. Every day comes with new tasks and new events to attend, rain or shine. Of course, the sun mostly shines when the Royal Family comes to town, but sometimes the ground just needs a good water.

No matter how prepared you can be for an event, nothing could prepare you for a good ol’ English downpour. Luckily Prince William was on hand to help when Kate got a soaking.

Putting on a show

The world is obsessed with Meghan and Kate, but we also can’t get enough of Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice. The Queen’s granddaughters have always been in the limelight thanks to their partying ways, but it was one particular outfit that had everyone talking about Princess Beatrice.

While making her way out of a car in this blue barely-there ensemble, Beatrice gave the public a flash of her Spanx underneath the dress. She quickly recovered from her wardrobe malfunction, but it was too late by that point.

When you see it

When you first look at this photograph, you probably feel an overwhelming sense of jealousy. After all, this is one beautiful purse. However, when you take a closer look and really feast your eyes on the purse, you might notice that something is amiss.

Meghan must have just added this purse to her collection when she decided to take it out for a spin because she left the plastic feet on the bottom of it! Hopefully, she didn’t leave the tag on as well, because that would have been awkward.

Feeling a little holey

It’s easy to believe that the Royal Family embrace the throwaway culture of fashion. You never really see them wearing the same outfit twice, and their outfits always looks clean and crisp. So they must have a new outfit for every day, right?

Well, not quite. While they may wear their clothing just a few times, it seems as though they do make use of their accessories. On this particular occasion, Prince Harry decided to wear his favorite pair of shoes. He was obviously feeling a little bit holey that day.

Smile and wave

Although you might not be able to tell from the photograph, this was a big day in Meghan Markle’s life. She wore this outfit for her 37th birthday but also to the wedding of one of her good friends, and this black ensemble definitely stole the show.

Yet, when you look a little closer, you soon realize that Meghan is actually showing much more than a Duchess should. We don’t know if this was part of her outfit or her underwear, but we can’t imagine that ol’ Liz would be pleased.

Missed ya mouth

There’s nothing worse than wearing your best dress for a dinner party and ruining it during the first course. Sure, we’d be happy to get profiteroles down ourselves, but the tomato bruschetta is just a deal breaker.

Thankfully, we’re not the only one who makes this fashion faux pas, because even the Queen of England gets her dinner down her sometimes. This may have been an accident, but we really hope she was just saving it for later. Midnight snack, anyone? The tomato bruschetta is on Queenie. Literally.

Breaking point

Do you reckon the Queen was busting too many shapes on the dance floor when she broke her clutch bag? We think so. While she may be the Queen of England, it seems that even she is privy to accessories that don’t last the night.

Of course, there’s nothing worse than realizing your strap has broken and that you’re going to have to carry your clutch for the rest of the night, but we can imagine that the Queen has someone to carry it for her. That’s the life.

Brushing it off

Although Pippa Middleton isn’t technically part of the Royal Family, she might as well be. She’s pretty darn famous, and the sister of the upcoming Queen Consort. That means she’s kind of a big deal.

With all eyes on this socialite, her fashion choices are scrutinized on a daily basis – so she has to be careful about what she wears and avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. Pippa let the ball drop during this event when the evil wind once again caused havoc and blew her skirt off. Luckily, Pippa brushed the whole thing off with a chill look.

The cropped jacket

The Royal Family could bring tube socks and sandals back into our lives, and we would still think they are the most fashionable people on the planet. So, when wardrobe malfunctions happen, we often think that they could be the start of a new fashion trend.

When Prince Harry’s suit jacket was blown up by the wind during this Royal event, he totally could have started a new trend for male cropped jackets. We know people who would wear it. It could work, and we’ve totally seen worse.

Lady Di

We still haven’t gotten over the fact that Princess Diana is no longer with us, but we have so many amazing memories of the People’s Princess that we can cheer ourselves up in no time.

Over the course of her life in the Royal spotlight, Lady Diana proved to the world that she was the ultimate fashionista. Yet, even the most fashionable women in the world can’t control the weather, so she just had to style out the fact that the wind was blowing up her skirt on this occasion.

The tip of the hat

It’s Royal custom for anyone meeting the Queen to curtsey in front of her majesty, but it seems as though the tables turned on this occasion – because ol’ Lizzie decided to tip her hat and bend her knees in an awkward curtsey that definitely had something to do with an awkward wardrobe moment.

Getting out of the car is no easy feat anyway, but when you add a sharp gust of wind, a loose jacket and a giant hat into the mix, things get even more complicated. Queenie gets it though. She rocked it.

Never fully dressed

We all know the saying; You’re never fully dressed without a smile. However, that phrase normally takes into account the fact that people actually know how to put on clothes in the first place.

It seems as though Prince Harry has struggled with this in the past because he just couldn’t get to grips with buttoning his shirt or tucking it in during this evening soiree. Of course, this is a step up from that time he was spotted with absolutely no clothes on during an infamous night out in Las Vegas…

Can you see me?

How many fingers are we holding up? Can you see us? Princess Diana? Are you in there? Okay, this is a veil and a half and were not sure how we feel about it. On the one hand, we can’t really dislike anything Princess Diana has ever worn or anything about her legendary life.

But on the other hand, this veil really is something special – and not in a good way. The dress itself is large enough, but when you add an equally large veil and the wind into the mix, it’s just one hot mess.

Caught in a trap

Because the Royal Family spend much of their time in the British Isles, they’re used to the temperamental weather. The sun is a complete luxury, and more often than not you have to take an umbrella with you wherever you go.

However, sometimes your umbrella just doesn’t want to play ball, and Camilla soon found herself caught in a trap when the wind played havoc with her brolly. Thankfully, she managed to cover her face to avoid the awkward glances of people around her and tried to style it out.

We have liftoff

From what we’ve learned so far, the wind is a cruel mistress, and all of the women in the Royal Family should just stay inside and avoid the weather altogether. Nevertheless, that just isn’t an option, and the ladies who lunch have to make their way outside and embrace the weather.

On this particular occasion, Kate Middleton braved the wind while wearing this checked skirt suit, and just about managed to cover her modesty while the world looked on. At least she still looks fabulous though, right?

The other Queen

Although Queen Lizzie is perhaps our favorite queen of the moment, that isn’t to say that there aren’t other queens in the world vying for our attention. In fact, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands is always trying to make a statement with her clothing choices – and she certainly succeeds.

During this Royal visit, she donned a gorgeous patterned dress with a matching jacket and hat combination. While the outfit was totally fire, we have a feeling the Queen blew a little wind her way, so she didn’t steal the show…

Second time unlucky

Yes, there she goes again. We have a feeling that Kate Middleton should hire someone to walk in front of her and help her avoid the drain covers because she has got herself stuck more times than we can count.

During this particular event, her beautiful Royal blue coat jacket and her exquisite engagement ring were overshadowed when she got her heel caught in the hole in the ground, and it was all kinds of awkward. Not only was everyone staring, but they also had a little giggle to themselves.

What’s underneath

Have you ever worn a petticoat before? There’s a high chance that you haven’t because most of us normal folk simply go with the flow and let the dress do the talking. Yet, those within the Royal Family need to add an air of grace and decorum about them, and will always wear petticoats under their skirts and dresses.

The aim of the game is to wear these petticoats without everyone seeing them, but the wind just really wanted to catch a glimpse of Camilla’s lace on this day.

Letting it slip

There are so many rules and regulations when it comes to Royal fashion, but as the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip has it easy. He just has to wear a kilt and be done with it, right? Well, if you know anything about Scottish tradition, you’ll know that it’s customary to not wear any underwear under your kilt.

Philip forgot about this little tidbit during one Royal event and ultimately exposed the crown jewels to the rest of the world. Don’t worry, Philip; it happens to the best of us.

The ultimate accessory

If you were just as obsessed with Princess Diana as we were, you might have noticed that she would always clutch her bag to her chest whenever she made her way out of a vehicle. This wasn’t just because she liked to cradle her clutch nearer to her heart, but because it was all a Royal ploy!

To keep an air of sophistication about them, Royal women are expected to keep their assets in check at all times. Princess Diana did this by covering them and shielding them from view. Now that’s smart.