This artist’s ‘makeover’ of famous dolls is extraordinary

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, meaning that what is considered beautiful to one person may be less than to another. How true is that, though? There are countless of beauty shows, magazines, blogs, and Twitter accounts that remind us just what beauty actually is: tanned skin, zero-percent body fat, flashy clothing, and the list goes on.

From birth, we’re taught what beauty is from the toys our parents pick out for us. For young girls, that experience is intense. Think of what your favorite childhood doll looked like. Barbie’s features have expanded over the years, but they have always consisted of young adult women with athletic bodies, clear skin, and long, gorgeous hair. That’s why Ukrainian artist Olga Kamenetskaya took manners into her own hands. Sick of seeing the same kind of doll perpetuating dangerous stereotypes, she wondered what it would look like to see these famous dolls dressed down to appear more human. She put her creations on her Etsy account and Instagram account and the internet went wild. Her art attempts to bring out some sort of flaw that wouldn’t pass at a Barbie factory and make the dolls feel real. You’ll just have to take a look for yourself.

Girl-next-door princess

This toned-down doll features a more naturalistic technique. There are certainly some differences between the original as you can see. The eyes and lips are considerably smaller but it definitely keeps the Monster High Doll trademark aesthetic. We imagine this Monster High Doll is a princess of a royal land on the outside but behind the curtain she prefers a downplayed and relatable look. She must put on a glamorous face for her people to meet the beauty expectations and demands but behind the scenes she likes to kick it with Netflix and some pajamas when no one’s watching. In the papers she’s serious and professional but she likes to binge Orange is the New Black just like the rest of us.

Bratz man

While beauty standards usually target women significantly more that doesn’t spare men from facing the same societal pressures women feel. This Bratz Doll feels that pressure. He is expected to maintain a slick, clean-shaven appearance for everyone. He sees the images of perfectly chiseled men in magazines and TV shows and works his hardest to live up to it. Kamenetskaya has a different idea in mind, however. She thinks this Bratz mandoll better resembles a cool viking, and Ragnar from Vikings in particular. Here is her rendition of our favorite protagonist from the hit History Channel series with unkempt facial hair, a confident and sly grin, and long hair swept all the way back.

Creepy queen

This rendition is what we imagine Pixar’s Brave would look like if it were directed by Tim Burton. Rather than a sweet film about a red-headed princess fighting for good, you’d have this demon princess pretending to fight for good but is actually the evil twin sister of our doll on the left who she overthrew to become Queen of the World… or something like that. Either way, there’s no denying the inherent creepiness to this new doll.

A more lifelike approach

Now here’s a rendition that is hard to recognize the before from the after. This gorgeous new rendition looks style icon Zendaya. The singer and actress is already an outspoken opponent of crushing beauty standards that women have to live up to. Perhaps Kamenetskaya was inspired by the work the talented songstress and The Greatest Showman star’s inner beauty quotes and campaigns against over-Photoshopping. This rendition features fuller lips but with a more natural skin tone.

The Gabrielle Union

It’s hard to deny this dress-down doll’s resemblance to actress Gabrielle Union. You know the outspoken actress from her roles in the iconic Bring it On, Bad Boys II, and Ten Things I Hate About You. It’s definitely a more honest look compared to the heavy eyeshadow, concealer, and mascara that dazzles our original doll on the left. The Kamenetskaya rendition on the left features a touch more high glamor with the red lingerie but it still is a downplayed version in regards to her makeup.

The real deal

Finally a doll that closest resembles what an actual human being could look like. The young girl on the right is certainly a more innocent approach as well as a realistic one. How many young girls do you know who wear green eyeshadow, blue eyeliner, and thick mascara in all directions? Our doll on the right is still definitely picturesque no doubt but she looks like a young girl, full of innocence, would much more closely resemble.

Raising questions

It’s fascinating to watch and dissect the vision of an artist. We look at their art and wonder what they were thinking when they created it and what sort of place they were in when they produced their work. We can’t help but wonder what Kamenetskaya was thinking for this piece. She took a neon-haired warrior princess and turned her into an extra from Annie. Somehow she made our new girl look a little more uptight (and British) but who are we to get in the way of an artist’s vision.

‘70s Rocker Girl

We could lie to you and say that we see the resemblance between the original doll on the left and the vampire on the right but that wouldn’t be right, right? Sometimes an artist gets carried away and we have to just let Kamenetskaya live in her truth. It’s hard to not unsee Steven Tyler when looking at the rendition. Perhaps our artist was inspired by some of his greatest hits like Rag Doll and took it just a little bit to heart.

Russian Doll

Our talented and amazing artist decided to create a doll that better resembles model Natalia Vodianova better than Natalia Vodianova does herself. The doll features the same iconic eyebrows, golden hair, purse lips, and blue eyes as the Russian beauty. It surely is a stunning version of the model who is often referred to as Supernova. We’re sure that fans of her appreciate the resemblance. Who doesn’t love a doll-like version of a real-life supermodel?

The slayer

Underneath the purple streaks, neon wardrobe, pink eye shadow, and giant eyes, Kamenetskaya found a slayer of dragons that can no doubt fit right in to the Game of Thrones universe. Although the lips certainly have touched its fair share of beeswax, we much prefer this more natural look. We think it creates a character. We say the rendition would make an excellent defeater of evil and protector of all that is good in this world.


This look we’re going to go ahead and call the Daytime/Nighttime. Here we have Carla during the day as a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company. She’s a reliable worker: always on time, shows up early and stays late, and never gets too crazy at the annual office Christmas party. That’s only because during the Nighttime she’s Carlita. She takes no prisoners, loves a night out on the town, and is always down for a good time. Just don’t cross her.


Our incredible artist decided that the official doll of Emma Watson in the Beauty and the Beast remake wasn’t canny enough to the actress herself. Therefore, she decided to up the ante more. Now we have a doll that resembles the Harry Potter star to a tee. Here she is elegant and sophisticated with dark eye makeup, a classic red lip, some gorgeous bling on her ears, and professionally quaffed hair, as if she’s ready to deliver another groundbreaking U.N. speech about gender equality.

Fashion no-no

We miss Carla so let’s bring our favorite sales rep back. Now we’ve all been in Carla’s position. We’ve just gone through a huge transition in our life whether it’s a breakup or a new job and we need to commemorate the new transition with a haircut. But not just any old haircut, we need something bold and daring. We go to the hairstylist and we tell them, “Do your worst”… and then they do. You’re not alone, Carla.

Model turned actress

Now if we didn’t know any better we’d say this was an official doll for model and actress Cara Delevingne. If it’s not we bet she’d be proud regardless. Our new doll features the similar dark stare that made the model famous, strong cheekbones, and a comb over hairdo that looks like she did it herself. You know Delevingne as the outspoken actress from hit films such as Suicide Squad, Paper Towns, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.


Looks like Alice may not be in Wonderland anymore. After Kamenestkaya finished with her she became a full-on evil temptress. This new doll fits right in with any Tim Burton film starring Helena Bonham Carter. This probably isn’t a doll that you would find in the toy stores. We imagine kids would be just a bit too frightened of its rough exterior. Therefore, we’d save her for the horror films starring a possessed doll terrorizing an innocent family.

A human princess

Princess stories can be really problematic. Just look at Rapunzel. She is a prisoner in a tower admired for her long hair as she waits for a man to come rescue her. We can also look at Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She too is held prisoner and through the power of Stockholm Syndrome ends up falling in love with her captor. We have to hand it to our artist – her rendition features a princess with a pursed mouth, more narrow eyes, and a more natural suntan.

The Eva Green

Yay! We finally found a new role for Eva Green to play. Ever since Penny Dreadful was taken off the air, we’re sure she’s been waiting for a new, evil creepy witch to play in a miniseries about malevolent underlords. This Parisian actress is known for playing the grunge gothic type so we have to just assume this doll is based on her. Even if it’s not we can probably expect its appearance in a gritty, upcoming Disney-Burton reboot of a childhood classic.

The Naomi Campbell

While this artist rendition may look high glam, there are touches of more human qualities here. Firstly, her skin town actually look like a natural skin tone without the lightening concealer and bright lights. Her eyebrows are thicker, lips are parted, and her hair is straightened. To us she resembles iconic supermodel Naomi Campbell, the intense and powerful runway muse known for her intensity and commitment. The gaze in this doll’s eyes gives off a similar vibe.

Mother of Dragons

We’re not sure if Kamenetskaya meant to create dolls for the official Game of Thrones online store but here we are. This doll looks so much like Daenerys Targaryen we had to do a double take. Just like the real Mother of Dragons we wouldn’t want to cross her. Sure, she may seem innocent and compassionate on first glance with her gorgeous blond hair and pleasant smile, but one false move and we’d run out of those Seven Kingdoms faster than you can say “bend the knee.”

Little monsters

Rather than totally transforming this monster doll Kamenetskaya decided to keep the essence of this monster in her recreation. What she did change, however, is the doll’s entire essence. The first doll would mainly be considered a monster because of the horns, but the kind eyes and half-smile make her way more pleasant. Kamenetskaya’s rendition on the right, however, really gives this monster a disturbing quality, complete with a saucy and much more mischievous attitude. We wouldn’t want to cross her this mistress of darkness any time of day or night.