Amazon Products: Top 100 Products We Love On Amazon

There are thousands of products available on Amazon—it’s the best thing about online shopping. Though, it can be overwhelming. So we listed our favorites just for you.

Who doesn’t love online shopping? We know, I’ve never met them either. Browsing the internet for your friend’s next favorite shirt or even your pet’s beloved toy is a wonderful way to express how much you care for your loved ones (and there’s always lots of room for loving yourself, too).

Whether the gift is for you or a friend, it’s exhausting to scroll through rows and rows of products. It makes it difficult to find just the right one. And that, my friend, is why we made this list. We wanted to make your life a little easier by listing the top one hundred products we love on Amazon.

1. Sleepy Time Bath Pillow

Nothing is better than slipping into a hot bath after a hard day at work (or a long day with your family). But no one likes to lean on the tub’s uncomfortable surface, so enjoy this bath pillow. This specific design is made with six non-stick suction cups, so you won’t have to worry about that nap being disturbed. The soft mesh material is well-ventilated and non-irritating, so your skin will be singing by the time your soak is done.

2.  You Thyme Essential Oils

This aromatherapy essential oil gift set will caress your nose with the most beautiful of scents. With six floral oil blends to choose from, there is an option for everyone. Use them in your aromatherapy diffusers, homemade soap, or bath bombs. These calming aromas can balance your chakra, set the atmosphere in the massage room, or simply freshen the air in your home. Use with peace of mind knowing that they are cruelty-free products with a goal to bring joy and comfort. 

 3. Healing Crystal Candle For The Stressed Zodiac

Know which element you are? Earth, fire, water, air? This is important if you want to get the right crystal candle for your meditation ritual. Down on your luck? This candle can not only make your home smell great, but assist in your manifestation of riches. There are over one hundred reviews raving about this product and the multiple uses it has. It’s not just a candle. It’s a tool to manifest your dreams.

4. Smelly Shower Steamers

We all love bath bombs right? But there are those of us who don’t have time to take a long, relaxing soak in the tub. We need to get in and get out and be on with our day. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to relax in those two minutes. That’s where shower steamers come into play. Unwrap the tablet and place it on the shower’s floor. They’re water activated, so you’ll be inhaling that aromatherapy fragrance in no time at all.

5. Rosehip For Your Hips

This body butter with rosehip seed oil and shea butter will leave your skin singing in appreciation. The positive reviews are overwhelming for this product. Soap and Glory provides hydration without the greasy feel afterward. The best part…it smells like roses! And if we know one thing for sure, everyone wants to stop and smell the roses. So, if you are trying to get a particular someone’s attention, lather this moisturizer on and walk on by.

6. Cards With The Right Answers

These empowering oracle cards are perfect for those of us who need a little encouragement during the day (who doesn’t?) No spiritual knowledge necessary to enjoy the beautiful designs and affirming words that the high-quality cards provide. This female-owned business knows what women want—and we want answers. Whatever spiritual belief you may practice, these cards will fulfill your nagging questions and leave you with a sense of peace, knowing your thoughts were expressed.

7. Sore Muscle Rub From The Badgers

Despite popular belief, the badgers have good intentions in mind. This warming muscle rub balm will relieve your aches and pains without leaving that typical stinky odor. The balm is made with lemongrass and sage so you’ll want to apply it for the scent alone! It nourishes your skin as it heals. Don’t believe me? Read the 800+ raving reviews that say that this product is worth your time.

8. The Turkish Got It Right

Like sand in your towel while lazing in the sun? We don’t either. That’s why this towel is on the list. This sand proof Turkish towel is perfect for beach days with the family (it even comes with a travel bag). It’s quick to dry which means you don’t have to worry about bacteria or your time being wasted with laundry. With the light-weight material, you won’t even know it’s there until you need it.

9. Goodbye Double Chin Mask

Ever wonder how your coworker managed to get rid of that extra fat along her cheeks and chin? We all gossip, saying, “plastic surgery” or maybe “it’s just her makeup contouring.” Wrong! It was the face lifting belt. With only one hour of use a day, your face can be slimmed and lifted. The comfortable and breathable fabric is perfect for all skin types, so no need to worry about irritation. Just ask the 20,000 reviewers who tried it.

10. The Tumbler For Interesting People

This stainless steel tumbler has it all. It’s for outdoor enthusiasts who love beating up their bottles as they travel. This durable design and leak-proof lid won’t fail you. Headed to work? Keep your coffee hot and your iced tea cold with the temperature control walls. Staying home? There’s even a feature for you. Crack open a beer with the bottle opener at the bottom of the tumbler, and never search your junk drawer again.

11. Shape For Your Shape

We all come in different shapes and sizes. This lightweight, breathable shapewear can accentuate the curves you want to show off. And the best part…no one will know it’s there. Don’t worry about your size or skin tone here, there are over five hundred women who have reviewed this Underoutfit Shapewear and loved it. With several options to choose from, you’ll be strutting your stuff in no time.

12. Goodnight Syrup

If your child is sick with a cold and having a hard time counting sheep, give them a dose of this organic cough syrup. You don’t have to worry about them spitting out this medicine when it tastes like honey. The natural ingredients allow your child to heal safely, without sugar or alcohol added to the mix. The nighttime formula will have your child snoozing and allow you to count your own sheep.

13. Toys For The Impatient Elf

No Christmas season is complete without an advent calendar. Every day is a joy for your child when they open up the surprise waiting for them (and keeps them satisfied until the big day). It’s hard to say “no, you have to wait” when they ask to open presents early, so this is perfect for your impatient little elf. Don’t have kids? Well, we all know the kids aren’t the only ones struggling with self-control when it comes to gifts.

14. Nothin But Happy Babies

There’s a reason parents are switching to reusable diapers. You save a lot of bucks when using machine washable cloths. And of course, the baby is happier, too. With the soft cotton fabric, these large cloth diapers won’t irritate your newborn’s skin. They cover the baby’s entire body so there’s less clothing changes and messes for mommy and daddy to clean up. The cloths also make great burping catchers, for when it’s more than just a burp.

15. Tea For The Nervous Human

Lemon balm tea is here to save you from yourself! Need some regularity when you’re sitting on “the throne?” This organic tea will aid in your digestion and taste great doing so. The citrusy scent will relax your nervous thoughts, allowing your passageways to pass…well…regularly. And don’t worry, this is a caffeine free tea so it’s a perfect addition to your bedtime routine. The tea is sold in two cartons with sixteen bags each, so grab it now while it’s available.

16. Ever Propose With A Tree Ring?

Annoyed with tree skirts? They’re always getting moved and ruffled, leaving the tree looking unkempt. Kids play underneath and cats tumble through causing chaos, and there’s nothing to do about it other than to keep readjusting. Until now. Use this rustic metal tree ring instead. The stylish design will compliment any home décor and the best part…you don’t have to fix it every two seconds. Just lay out your gifts and enjoy the view.

17. What’s “Wine And Dine” Without The Wine?

Nothing is better than showing off your elegance and style (while also enjoying a delicious drink). This wine rack is made from sturdy material, so your storage space will last years. The geometric shape is modern and sleek (just what every host or hostess wants in their décor). With fourteen bottles worth of storage space, you’ll be able to hold a variety of wine for that magnificent party you’ve been planning.

18. Dine In With Your Linen

Nothing is classier than dinner cloth napkins. It’s the simplest and easiest thing to do to class up the place when the in-laws are visiting or that snobby neighbor. These fade-resistant, machine washable napkins come in several different colors. Pick the shade that matches that new dish set you purchased or maybe the antique china you brought out for the occasion. Either way, your guests will be impressed (allowing a well-earned smirk to light up your face).

19. Drowsy Badgers

The badgers are back! But with something to relax your energetic kids. This organic sleep balm is made with chamomile and lavender, so that aromatherapy is going to give your children a sense of safety and relaxation. Massage a small amount onto their temples, neck, or chest and watch as they unwind from the busy day naturally. They’ll look so peaceful, you’ll want to try some for yourselves.

20. Surf With The Big Guy In Red

Bring joy and whimsy to your home for the holidays. This decorative holiday snow surfing set with Santa and friends will light up your family’s faces. This battery operated décor will literally light up your home with the soft white bulbs resting in the snow. But be sure to warn the kids (and guests) that Santa is surfing on your stair’s rail because no one wants an accident to happen when they slide down the slope.

21. Now Playing Your Style

If you’re a fan of vinyl records, you’re bound to appreciate the little things that make a home a home. The “Now Playing Vinyl Record Stand” is the perfect finishing touch for your entertainment area. It fits single to triple LP without stressing out the sleeve. You can always count on visitors asking “what’s playing” when the music is rolling. Now, all you have to do is point at the stand and they’ll know exactly what your style is.

22. The Bag For Every Man

We know you guys like to say, “we don’t need a bag” or “everything we need fits in our pockets.” Does it really though? With this functional toiletry bag, you can pack your travel necessities without taking up a lot of space in your “pockets” (backpack or luggage). It’s durable and water-resistant so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Just ask the over 2,000 reviewers who have tried it for themselves.

23. Does The Wash Make The Gentlemen Or The Other Way Around?

With infused argan oil, your beard will not only be clean, but strong and smooth. No more unruly, itchy beards. The creators in the USA are saying, “Let there be men.” And the four thousand plus reviewers are wanting more of it.

24. The Smuggler

Men love pockets. Keys and phones hang out of the back of pants, inviting thieves to their side. But there’s a better way. Boxer briefs with a secret compartment to carry your wallet, keys, phone, passport, and whatever else you can think of. It’s pick-pocket proof (that’s for sure). The soft cotton material is machine washable (don’t leave your trinkets in the pocket! That’s a mess we don’t want to be responsible for). There are several designs to choose from, so this marvelous creation can match your personality (both inside and out).

25. Grease Be Gone

Grilling is one of the most popular ways to cook food. It’s especially wonderful for family gatherings and holidays. But do you know what isn’t great? Having to clean the grill afterward. That’s where this grill brush and scraper comes in. With over 3,000 ratings, there’s enough said about the product’s worth. But we’re still going to say more: with the longer (safer) handle and five times faster cleaning power, we love this Amazon product!

26. Leaves For Your Sleeves

Need something to dress up your dining area? Look no further! These durable, fade-resistant table cloth napkins will do the trick. Over 4,000 reviewers agree with us. They are sold in many different colors and designs, so there is a set for every type of home. Have kids? Don’t worry about it. They’re machine washable, so your favorite linens won’t be ruined because of an accident (or a premeditated attack).

27. Yarn For The Forlorn

We know there are artists out there in need of some yarn. We have the perfect Super Saver’s pack for you. With several different colors to choose from, you’ll be beside yourself, struggling to pick just one…or two…or three. This yarn is one hundred percent acrylic and durable, so it will survive all those washes you’ll put it through in the future. With over five thousand people agreeing with us, what could go wrong?

28. A Great Way To Make The Neighbors Question You

Halloween enthusiast? Prankster? These hanging skeletons are a classic. They never get old, and it always make others think twice about your mental state when they see a skeleton hanging from your window…on Valentine’s Day. What’s great about these sixteen inch skeletons is that they having working joints, so you can move them into any pose you’d like. Don’t forget to show the kids who really run the household by leaving one in their closet on Halloween night.

29. Fitted Sheets To Count The Sheep

The best thing to do after a long day is getting cozy in your freshly made bed. These sheets are lightweight and breathable, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. The cotton material is soft against your skin. You’ll never want to leave. That is until your kids get into bed with you and start jumping up and down. But that’s a whole different issue. Until then, enjoy your high-quality sheets and catch some ZZ’s before it’s too late.

30. Hide The Stash Tea

We all scan the tea containers searching for herbs that benefit our health…but what about flavor? We’ve got you covered. This tea has all the good stuff. Licorice root, cinnamon, vanilla, orange, and more. Never forget that tea can also taste good, especially when you’re sitting down with a good book on a cold night by the fire. Drinking something sweet for the taste buds is always a win.

31. Cool Your Pool The Right Way

The solution to protecting your pool? A pillow. That’s right, a pillow will solve all your problems. This super-powered pillow is built to withstand the cold temperatures of winter. Place the product in the middle of your pool to reverse the freezing process. It creates surface tension by forcing the ice to freeze out to in instead of in to out. It’s even sold with a handy rope to keep it in place all season long.

32. Keep Those Piggies Warm

Home sewers and crafters, we have a message for you: insulate your creations with Insul-Bright material. What is that? Well, we’ll tell you! It’s a needle-punched insulating material used to line oven mitts, pot holders, water heater covers, ironing board covers, and many more. The material reflects the temperature back to the source, so your creation will stay the right temperature. Flex your creative muscles and make something we’ve never seen before (don’t forget to leave pictures in your review so we can all see).

33. Limb Extender

Both men and women have been raving about this product. The extension handle is great for pregnant women to shave their legs (even if you aren’t pregnant). Men can finally get that hard-to-reach area on their backs. Recommended for those with low mobility to aid in your daily routine. This extender fits any razor whether you have a favorite at home or a disposable one from the hotel. This extendo arm is meant for those of us who take grooming seriously (because we know we’re beautiful and want to flaunt it).

34. Scents For The Strong Scented Man

Men like to smell good, too! That’s why we love these masculine scented candles. Bonfire, lavender, maple, pine, tobacco…there’s one for every kind of man. The soy wax can burn for forty five hours, leaving plenty of time to soak in that aroma. Let it absorb into the bachelor pad or “man cave.” These non-toxic candles will have you coming back for more and more. Just ask the three hundred reviewers who agree.

35. Boo-Boo Proofs

There’s nothing worse than hearing the “thump” followed by a crying child. So, let’s avoid this all together. These table corner protectors will prevent your kids from making a mistake (including yourself). The protectors come pre-taped, so your installation will be done in a snap. Apply it to wood, glass, steel, or ceramic surfaces. It’s impact-absorbing (but we don’t recommend putting it to the test). Just slap it on and go about your day worry-free.

36. Don’t Rip Through Tangles—Teeze Them

Over two hundred people agree that this brush is worth your time. The flexible bristles prevent tangles from being ripped instead of combed. The easy-to-hold handle is comfortable to grip and allows smooth strokes as you detangle your mass of curls and perfect your silky smooth locks (don’t let the small size confuse you—it’s strong enough to take on your stubborn strands). The fun part, you ask? It comes in many different colors, so pick your favorite and get to brushing!

37. Never Lose Blanky Again

We all know the dangers from giving your baby a blanket in the crib and the guilt from not giving them one at all. This sleepsack is the solution. The cotton fabric is perfect to keep the baby nice and cozy, and it also has an inverted zipper for easy diaper changes. There are so many different designs for your baby to admire (and throw up on). The best part? It’s “kickable” but they can’t kick it off. A definite win for the parents.

38. Kids Have All The Answers

Having trouble communicating with your kids? That’s okay. We’ve all been there. These connection cards will ask the right questions and allow you to bond without worrying about your phrasing. They boost brain development and get your child thinking. Whether it’s a pass-the-time game in the car on a road trip or a fun activity on game night, you’ll be sure to put a smile on their adorable faces.

39. Badgers Don’t Want Burns

Do your kids love struggling when you try to apply sunscreen? Use this mineral sunscreen stick. It’s quicker, saving your energy while protecting their fragile skin from the sun. The nourishing sunscreen is water-resistant and hypoallergenic. So, your kids will be feeling good by the time their outdoor adventures are done. Wonderful fact about this Badger Mineral Sunscreen: it’s reef friendly. Marine life won’t be suffering from unwanted chemicals with this moisturizer.

40. Nursing Flowers

Every mother needs to run errands. That doesn’t mean you’re going to find the time and space to breastfeed privately (time is everything when it comes to errands—babies aren’t the most patient, are they?) That’s where the breastfeeding cover and burp cloth come into play. This beautiful floral design can be disguised as a purse until the moment of truth. The breathable cotton is perfect for both you and your baby’s skin. The cover provides a safe space and you can transition from feeding to burping in moments.

41. Easy Breezy Briefs

Oh, yes! We all need more storage when it comes to clothes. This closet storage organizer is recommended by over ten thousand customers, and the popularity is only growing. This organizer is strong (holding roughly thirty pounds). Because you can hang it up it is easily available to you, so you don’t have to spend forever searching for the right pair of briefs. Simplify your life by using this organizer to your advantage (organize your spouse’s messy clothes so they no longer have the excuse to leave them on the floor).

42. Protector Of Thy Resting Place

Spills from eating and drinking in bed. Bedwetters. Pets. The list goes on for the disastrous reasons that can ruin a mattress. But this bamboo mattress protector is here to help. Thick pockets allow easy fitting for any mattress type. And in the case that there is a spill (there will be), the protector is machine-washable. So, instead of stressing over your child’s chocolate milk getting a little too close to the bed, challenge their control and smile whether or not they pass or fail.

43. Get That Wascally Wasket

There are so many things that need to be hidden in this large rope basket. Shoes. Laundry. Toys. Tools. Whatever your organizing needs are, this basket has got your back. It’s made from one hundred percent organic cotton material. Its strength knows no bounds against children who wish to reshape it, but its gentle touch soothes their skin anyway. It is not only useful but aesthetic, as well. It can fit in with any home décor with its simplistic design and discreet shades.

44. Another Bug Bites The Dust

Pests don’t stand a chance against this Bizzy One Powder Duster. Its extra-long (rust-resistant) stem allows you to cover hard-to-reach places, and the bulb is translucent, so fill it up without worrying about spills. There are over one thousand ratings telling you exactly how useful this tool can be. Pests can be eliminated with this magic product whether you’re indoors or outdoors. We think the bugs are thoroughly threatened now, so get to work!

45. “Honey, Are The Dishes Clean Or Dirty?”

We’ve all been there. We search the dishes, questioning every leftover piece of food. Has it been through the wash yet? This says more about our dishwashers than anything else, but that’s a topic for another time. With the “Clean” and “Dirty” magnet, you’ll know the condition of your dishes every time you need them. This bamboo magnet is so simple, yet so sought after. Just flip the product over to match your needs and move on to the next chore.

46. Every Witch’s Dream Mount

Every witch dreams of the day they can have the broom holder wall mount. It’s simple but it’s important to keep things organized. In fact, it doesn’t have to be just brooms. It can be gardening tools, kitchen utensils, and outdoor tools. The easy installation gives you breathing room. No more clutter for the modern witch (or wizard if you so prefer). With over fifty thousand reviews, magic must be in the air.

47. Swiffer Wisher

Oh, how we love our Swiffer Sweepers. They are so much easier to use than a traditional mop. They’re safe to use on linoleum, vinyl, ceramic, and finished wood floors. The wet mopping cloths have become a common staple in every modern household (we’ve met a few young people who’ve never even used a traditional mop—and don’t know how). It begs the question, are Swiffer Sweepers the future of household floor cleaning? We hope so. And so do the eighteen hundred customers who left raving reviews.

48. Beast Be Gone Razor

Tired of having multiple tools to keep your inner beast at bay? Us, too. That’s why we love this electric razor. It’s rechargeable and stylish, so you can easily throw it in your purse if you’re in a hurry. Have sensitive skin? Don’t worry! The blades are hypoallergenic. The durable, stainless steel razor will be there for you when your internal animal starts rearing its ugly head.

49. Nay To Nail Fungus

No one likes nail fungus. Just ask the two thousand plus reviewers. This pen can reduce infections and ease your pain (with an easy-to-use applicator brush). Not only will it get rid of those pesky invaders, but it will also strengthen your nails by removing damaged layers. The gentle formula will fight against discolored nails, allowing your best self to shine through. Excited for sandal season yet?

50. Whiten Those Fangs

Get it on Amazon

You don’t need to go to the dentist to whiten that beautiful smile of yours. This Luelli whitening gel syringe pack will take care of you. Follow the simple instructions and leave the tray applied for only a few minutes a day over the course of a week. The results will blow your mind! But remember, these are only for adults (because we don’t want to share!)

51. Cap That Frizz

Feel like a relaxing steamy shower? Are you looking in the mirror and cringing because you know that your freshly done hair is done for if you get it anywhere near steam? Don’t worry about ruining your beautiful locks. So long as you have this luxury shower cap, you’ll be good to go. This turban style, waterproof product is flexible (fitting noggins of all shapes and sizes). Just ask the nine hundred plus reviewers who agree with us.

52. “Who Said We Looked Flat?”

If you have fine hair, you don’t have to look far to find friends. Over two thousand customers have left raving reviews for the Nexxus Volumizing Conditioner. Professionals recommend it to their clients (but you can get it from Amazon and avoid the extra fees that come with a visit to the salon). Enriched with green tea extract and a buttload of protein, this product will leave your hair feeling silky while giving it the lift you desire. The fairytales are right: dreams really do come true.

53. Nettles For Health

If you have joint pain or an overall sense of stagnancy, this nettle tea is the way to go. The nettle leaf is one of the most popular tonics for overall wellness. So, if your work schedule is dragging you down or your kids are hanging off of you like monkeys, drink some of this organic, caffeine free tea. Your body will recover its strength, allowing you to continue your busy lifestyle without complaint (from you or your body).

54. “Chin Up, Sport”

It’s easy to forget muscles that aren’t constantly advertised. But we did not forget. This neck exerciser will aid in your workout. It increases neck core strength with its thirty inch heavy duty steel chain. The product helps align your spine by supporting your shoulders and upper back. If you’re constantly at the gym (home or not), we’re sure you can come up with some creative exercises (safely). Be sure to leave pictures in your review so all of us can see!

55. “Who Needs A Masseuse?”

This massage ball set is the perfect thing to keep at home or in your yoga studio. The set comes with different sizes and textures, so you have something for every ache and pain (we all have a lot of those—something different every day). Maintaining the health of your body is important, and doing small daily things like massaging your muscles can make a difference in your daily life.

56. No Soreness Allowed Supplement

We’ve all been through it. The dehydration and soreness after a workout at the gym. We drink water and stretch, but there’s still a lag in our movements. That’s where this Post-Workout Supplement Powder comes in. Packed with electrolytes and vitamins, this product will give you that skip in your step again. Hydration that tastes great (you can’t go wrong with that…well you can, so read the instructions first!).

57. Back Away From The Funny Bone

If you’re active, then surely you are used to wrapping your body up in athletic tape. Why not try some real braces? These elbow braces reduce pain due to tendonitis and joint pain. It’s made to support you without hindering your movements (it better not, right?) The great part? It’s breathable…so sweat as much as you want. It’s adjustable, allowing you to change the binding when you need to. Now that you’re wrapped up like a Christmas ham, get out there and win!

58. “To Smell Or Not To Smell?”

Every lady needs an “after bath splash.” Meaning…perfume. Jean Nate has been around for almost one hundred years. The brand is known for classy scents such as this particular one: spice and florals. The raving reviews agree with us when we say, “Splash some on and walk on by your long-awaited sweetheart. The scent will surely stop his heart if not his wandering gaze.”

59. “King Me”

Sleep! We all need sleep. The side resters, back dozers, and stomach snorers. This product is for all of you. Made from premium down alternative polyester filling, these pillows are the perfect balance of softness and firmness. The ideal sizing supports your neck, head and shoulders (if you have a pillow that doesn’t…how do you live with yourself?) Over five hundred sleepers agree with us when we say, “Order yours today and get the best sleep of your life tonight.”

60. “You Better Not Have Read My Diary!”

It will be difficult to keep your eyes off this beautiful journal. The faux leather exterior comes in several different colors. It’s scratch-resistant and waterproof, so don’t worry about ruining the stunning soft cover. The pages are edged with Japanese designs, and are made with thick quality paper. Planning to write down some notes for work? A novel? Or maybe your daily thoughts? Rest assured that this journal will not only keep your notes safe, but it will also keep your attention.

61. Mud Shaper

Are you an artist? Do you make pottery? Well, we have the tool for you. Over nine hundred fellow artists agree that the quality of this product is phenomenal. The set comes with three all-purpose pop up sponges that are perfect for shaping clay, are absorbent, and fit comfortably in your creative hands. When a product is incredibly durable and made with environmentally friendly material, what can go wrong? Oh, we know! You can’t have enough!

62. Sprouts For Louts

Always dreamt of having an herb garden? Or maybe your current one is lacking? Either way, this set of fifteen easy-to-grow herbs will complete you. This collection includes a digital how-to-grow guide that will be with you every step of the way (it even comes with labels so you don’t lose track of your seeds—we’ve done it many times and have learned from our mistakes). Don’t forget to sing to your newborn sprouts (they love hearing your voice).

63. Brushes For The Artists

All the painters out there know that a quality paint brush is hard to come by. That’s why we’re sharing this product with you. These durable brushes with birchwood handles are right up your alley. They hold their shape even with heavy use (which we know there will be). They won’t shed which saves you a lot of heartache. The badger mix bristles will deliver high quality strokes, leaving your artwork that much more amazing (but we’ll give you the credit anyway).

64. Protect Thy Gifted Hand

Artickas two-finger drawing glove is made for digital artists. The glove keeps the screen protected from your hand’s natural oils, so you’re not constantly cleaning the smudges away. The material is breathable, light, and flexible. After a few minutes, you won’t even realize it’s there. Without the friction of skin on screen you’ll be gliding across your digital creation, daydreaming about the finished product (a glove made for the most deserving of artists).

65. Balm That Beard!

Premium beard balm made in the USA. It not only controls frizz, but hydrates your skin and hair to promote growth. With one hundred percent natural ingredients, you won’t have to worry about flaky, irritated skin anymore. And yes, men, it smells masculine. Pleasant Bay Rum, in fact. Control that manly beard, hydrate your skin, and smell good while you’re on the prowl for…well, you know.

66. Aprons For All

Are you a cook? Painter? Gardener? Hair stylist? Or someone who just loves walking around with multiple pockets? This apron is the right one for you. This durable fabric is tough enough to keep up with you, but soft enough to be gentle on the skin. It’s washable (because we know you’ll spill something on it) and water-drop resistant. The large pockets can fit all your tools, so you’re not running around searching for your misplaced items.

67. Ditch The Bumps

“Oh, skin. Why are you so difficult to care for?” We’ve all asked this question while staring in the mirror. But now we have the solution. Razor Bumps Solution. Apply this product after shaving, over dark spots, burns, and ingrown skin. The easy application will relieve your skin with a cooling effect. This solution is for both men and women, so share it with your friends (we know who needs it).

68. Go Bulldogs!

Are you a fan of the Mississippi State’s Bulldogs? We’ve got the hat for you. The snap closure allows you to readjust the sizing (it’s especially handy if you want to share it with fellow fans). Going to a gameday tailgate? It’s the perfect addition to your Bulldogs ensemble. Or simply wear it while you’re running errands in town (it’s a great conversation starter).

69. Hot Birdy

Like your food hot? Us, too. This Yellowbird Hot Sauce variety pack will set your taste buds ablaze (it also makes a great gift). The gluten-free, vegan sauce comes in a variety of flavors, so pick your poison when it comes to this pack of goodness (especially when it has a squeeze bottle to make things that much easier). Over one thousand reviewers can attest to the heat that’s about to enter your digestive tract.

70. Hotbox Your Friends

That’s right. The weed-themed party game is here to play…a lot. With a group of four to ten people, a lot of nonsense can ensue. From daring your best friend to call his ex to doing the chicken dance on camera, there is a lot of fun to be had while playing this card game (18+ only). Stay in with some good company and tear each other to mental shreds. We all know you want to!

71. The Yeti Gangster

The gangster armor grip with Yeti rambler handle is your new silicone tumbler sleeve. It fits all brands of tumbler (no matter what size you have). The sturdy grip won’t fail you when you’re out and about. And if you manage to drop it anyway (we all do) the anti-slip, shock-absorbing boot will have you covered. Another great benefit? It comes in several different colors. So you can be strong and stylish.

72. Sleeps With The Sheets

It’s difficult to find sheets that are both soft and durable. It either falls apart after one wash or is as stiff as cardboard. But with these Ruvanti sheets you get the best of both worlds. The microfiber fabric is breathable, wrinkle-free, and fade resistant. With a high thread count of eighteen hundred, three thousand reviews, and seventeen color choices, why wouldn’t we want to share this with you? (We’re not that selfish…)

73. Who Doesn’t Love Portable Furniture?

We haven’t met one person who doesn’t love portable tables. They’re perfect for camping, tailgating, and outdoor parties. This particular table easily folds and provides four cup holders (humanity cannot have enough cup holders). You can store additional items (snacks—always) underneath the table where a convenient shelf was added to the design. Over one thousand ratings say, “Go for it.” We are inclined to agree.

74. A Pocket Full Of Secrets

We know. What’s wrong with carrying a purse around? But there’s a better way. Boxer briefs with a secret compartment to carry your wallet, keys, phone, passport, and whatever else you can think of. It’s pick-pocket proof (that’s for sure). The soft cotton material is machine washable (don’t leave your trinkets in the pocket! That’s a mess we don’t want to be responsible for). There are several designs to choose from, so this marvelous creation can match your personality (both inside and out).

75. “Long Live The Queen”

Floral sheets are a classic choice for those of us who dream of a time with tea and crumpets in the drawing room. That’s why these breathable, warm, fade-resistant sheets are the perfect choice for you. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also durable. You won’t have to worry about the stunning pink flowers fading away after one wash. Just ask the three thousand plus reviewers who agree.

76. Tummy Control For Those Who Can’t Control Their Tummy

Tummy, thighs, and love handles. We all have them. And they can be a pain to cover up and smooth out. This shapewear will solve all your problems. It’s lightweight, breathable, and has moisture control (no worries about sweating through your favorite outfit). The machine-washable fabric is non-irritable and can be worn under any clothing. Don’t believe us? Check out the five hundred plus reviews raving about this product.

77. Smooth Reach

We can’t reach every part of our body (and most of us don’t want to ask others to do it for us—too awkward). Just ask the two hundred plus reviewers who agree. This smooth reach applicator will save the day. Can’t reach your back to apply moisturizer? Sunscreen? Tanning lotion? Use this extended arm and be on your way. Don’t worry about aftercare. Simply wash it with soap and let it dry overnight.

78. Hot And Cold

Nothing is worse than taking a sip from your water bottle and finding tepid water inside. This vacuum seal bottle will keep your cold drink cold and your hot drink hot for hours. The three finger lid tightens that seal, so you know it’s secure. It’s made from stainless steel, so go crazy! Go camping, hiking, running, or just sit by the fire and read (that’s what we do). Whatever activity you favor, this water bottle will be by your side.

79. Take A Shower!

It’s finally been done. The portable shower. This bag has the on/off feature so you won’t be wasting any precious shower time. And it’s not just to clean yourselves with (which is the priority). You can wash the campsite dishes, rinse off the bikes, or wash the dog. Be careful not to waste the water (we all know that pup is going to head right back to the mud puddle.) Over four hundred people have tried and loved this product (meaning…get it while it’s hot).

80. Pull Up A Chair

Everyone needs a place to sit in the living room. Even your pet! This durable, adorable folding chair is perfect for just that. This chew-resistant product is beloved by hundreds of pet owners (and the cute kitty cats and pups who use it). Though you may want to think twice if your Great Dane shows interest because this chair can only hold twenty pounds. But who are we to say if they can’t sit there? Give it a try.

81. Travel In Doggy Style

The travel bag for dogs. You need it. They need it. It’s a great solution for carrying all those squeaky toys on road trips. The bag comes with two collapsible water/food bowls and poop bags with a dispenser (oh, yes!) It’s airline approved, so no worries about traveling with your best friend. It has plenty of space for their supplies, leaving more room for love (and messes).

82. Puzzled?

Children are constantly growing and learning, and puzzles are a great way to encourage it. These wooden dinosaur products will keep them laughing for hours to come. Each puzzle comes with 6-7 brightly colored pieces (easy to find in the mess of toys). They’re safe and non-toxic, so don’t worry about unwanted chemicals. The pieces are made for small hands (they’ll love that!) And also make the perfect gifts for birthdays and great entertainment for playdates.

83. A Classic Play-Doh Starter Set

Play-Doh is a classic children’s favorite. What generation didn’t like this messy, gooey product? It’s fun and encourages children’s imaginations to grow and develop. It’s interesting to see what they create with just a few chunks of goo. At least with this kit, they have a place to keep all of their artist tools and materials, so you don’t find it somewhere it doesn’t belong (though it will probably happen anyway).

84. Far From The Last Unicorn

The magical unicorn. Hundreds of little girls are jumping up and down right now, too excited to express anything other than, “Ahhhhhh!” This diamond painting kit is all it’s cracked up to be. If your child is a crafter, they’ll love this project. There’s even a wooden frame to put it in, so they can display their work proudly. It improves their hand-eye-coordination, creativity, and self-confidence. This product exudes joy…I mean…just look at it.

85. Release The Bugs!

If your little one is an adventurer, then get them this bug catching kit. Explore nature with your curious child by identifying the local bug life. All the materials are kid friendly (as well as bug friendly; there are holes for air and gentle tweezers). It includes an observation jar, butterfly net, and magnifying glass. Learning can be fun if given the right tools for the job!

86. The Ladybug Is back

It’s your child’s first day of school, and you know what the most important part of school is? Supply shopping. The little customized things that children have (that adults want). Our favorite is this red ladybug backpack. Perfect to fit homework, books, toys, and extra clothes. The smile on their face will be as big as their hearts when they see the new backpack you bought them.

87. They’re Glowing Up Too Fast

Kids are afraid of the dark at one point or another in their lives. That’s why these fantasy-themed glow-in-the-dark decals are just right. The kids will love their wall décor during the day (every kid loves fantasy). Expose them to light and they will last more than six hours at night (so no more quick fading). This will help them fall asleep faster, knowing that they are protected and safe in their realm of dreams.

88. Tamagotchi—Enough Said

The classic 1997 game is back—with the original generation two programming. Return to an old time. Feel the nostalgia as you feed, water, groom, walk, clean, and give medicine to your pet. Another great feature? It comes in so many different designs and colors. Get some for you and your friends (each with their own unique Tamagotchi). Think you’re too old? Just look at the sixteen thousand reviewers who disagree with you.

89. Build Your Adventure

Collect all the waves of the Minecraft Dungeons Nano Metalfigs. There’s eighteen per pack (plenty of material to start an adventure). Each figure is made with die-cast metal and authentic character likeness, so they’ll be sure to stand out. The set already has over sixteen hundred raving reviews with more to come. A trending collector’s set. Now, tell us, what’s your adventure going to be?

90. A Calming Snuggle Toy For Your Snuggle Bug

This easy-to-operate lullaby machine is cuter than ever. This plushie has several settings, so you, as the parent, can decide which best suits your unique child (if only they all had the same manual). Choose from a lullaby, white noise, or a heartbeat. There’s a twenty minute and forty minute timer to choose from, as well as volume settings. It’s washable, too (just remove the soundbox first). Your baby will be dosing in dreamland in no time.

91. Who Needs Clothes?

The Dreamsuit. This lightly padded bamboo and quilted fabric create the perfect room temperature for your child. You don’t have to worry about them getting cold in the night because they decided to kick off their blankets. They’re wearing a blanket now! And it is buttery soft against your child’s sensitive skin. They’ll be ready to snooze and cozying up with this new bedtime addition.

92. ABC’s

Give your child a head start on basic skills by hanging this talking poster on the wall. Yes, it talks! Your child will learn their alphabet, how to blend letters, learn some numbers, and have fun. Best part? There’s no toys for you to clean up. The poster stays on the wall while your little one has the best afternoon learning about our language. There’s over seven hundred reviewers who agree (or maybe it was the posters…?)

93. Don’t Forget…The Potty

Don’t worry about traveling with your in-training toddler. This portable potty is there for you when there are no public restrooms and the wilderness is too daunting for your little one. Don’t worry about them tipping over either (this potty holds over one hundred pounds). Though it can hold a lot, it only weighs two pounds and fits in a cute little backpack. Our favorite part about this product is that it fits on regular toilet seats, so transitioning isn’t so scary for your little pooper.

94. For Writers Who Like A Distraction

It will be difficult to keep your eyes off this beautiful journal. The faux leather exterior comes in several different colors. It’s scratch-resistant and waterproof, so don’t worry about ruining the stunning soft cover. The pages are edged with Japanese designs, and are made with thick quality paper. Planning to write down some notes for work? A novel? Or maybe your daily thoughts? Rest assured that this journal will not only keep your notes safe, but it will also keep your attention.

95. Gobble Gobble

Want to dress up the place this Thanksgiving? Or maybe you’re someone who loves turkeys? Either way, these tealights are for you. This tealight set comes with six turkeys in various poses. They’re perfect for a rustic setting (and will give someone a good chuckle). These adorable birds are full of mischief, so watch out if you find them somewhere you didn’t put them (or ask your equally mischievous kids). Not convinced of their worth? Just ask the four hundred plus people who left a review.

96. Guardian Of The Night

Do you grind or clench your teeth at night? This night guard might be the right product for you. It’s customized to your unique bite. Mold it. Clean it. Use it. It’s reusable (so don’t toss it in the trash after one night). The guard can also be used to whiten your teeth, too. Your teeth are going to be strong and beautiful (few people can say that).

97. Enhance Yourself

Eyelashes and brows are typically thin and in need of growth (especially for those of us who wear makeup). That’s where this natural growth serum comes into play. Made with high-quality ingredients, this serum is hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin types. Place a thin line along the upper and lower line of your lashes once a day. You’ll begin to see results in about two weeks. That’s not very long at all (though it will feel like forever).

 98. Camera Ready

This foundation stick checks all the right boxes. It’s cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan, and provides full coverage. There are five hundred reviewers who have already tried and loved this product. The great part? It works for all skin types: normal, dry, and oily. The creamy texture (with natural botanicals) will blend perfectly, giving an air-brushed, professional feel. Making yourself camera ready. And who wouldn’t want that?

99. Unplug That…Stick

This plunger isn’t just any plunger…it’s a chrome-coated plunger. Its dazzling finish will leave you blinded by its brilliance. It’s so beautiful you won’t want to soil it by plunging the toilet or sink, but in the case that you do, it’s easily cleaned. The holder is vented to prevent the water from pooling. And a great addition to this magnificent product? The holder lid acts as a splash guard, so you are safe with your guardian plunger.

100. Waste Not, Want Not

We’ve found you your forever compost bin. It’s made from carbon steel and has a powder coating, so it will never rust. It even has a charcoal filter to keep things smelling fresh in your kitchen (we all know that this is what you really care about). This product is the perfect size to fit under your sink and stylish enough to keep on your kitchen counter. However you choose to save the planet, Third Rock will be by your side.

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