Adventures in your 20s may be more important than searching for a soulmate

Being in your 20s is one of the most discombobulating things ever. On the one hand, you’re old enough to be using words such as ‘discombobulating’ – but you’re still young enough not to know what it *really* means. Yep, you have some friends who are already married with kids and a mortgage, while you have others who are still running around the skateparks with hip flasks in their hands every evening. Rather than venturing into either category, you just kinda sit there in a unicorn onesie while you fill out your taxes and swipe right and left on dating apps. But what should you really be doing? Well, it seems as though finding adventure in your 20s may be more important than searching for a soulmate…

You will find yourself

Okay, we know the whole expression of ‘finding yourself’ is the cheesiest thing on the planet – but there’s a reason why the phrase has stuck around. This is because finding adventure, traveling the world and exploring unknown territories allows us to really question who we are and where we’re going in life. You let all of your stresses go, and you simply go where the wind is blowing. Yep, this is getting cheesier by the second so we’ll just move swiftly on…

Adventures in your 20s may be more important than searching for a soulmate

You meet new people

If you’ve ever looked around at the people in your small town and wondered how many times you’ve seen their faces, there’s a high chance that you need to get out of there and have a little adventure. Traveling the world and seeing new places will always give you the chance to meet new people and make some friends for life. You never know you might meet your soulmate while on your adventures! That would be an awesome bonus.

You become a world expert

Staying in the same place for your whole life will give you the same stories as all of the rest of your friends – which means your girly sleepovers will be boring as heck. If you take yourself off for an adventure during your 20s, see the world, see new cultures, meet new people and experience new experiences, you will be able to become an expert on the world. Your head will also be filled with incredible stories and memories that will only be yours.

You become more creative

If you’re feeling in a bit of a rut, it may be because you cannot let your creativity flow that’s inside of you – and that’s not good. Like, at all. Being young is all about showcasing your individuality and your style, and without the chance to do so in your hometown, you might just implode (okay, you won’t really). Yet, seeing new cultures, hiking up mountains, painting with monks and trying out the street food in Asia will allow you to explore and express your creativity.

Adventures in your 20s may be more important than searching for a soulmate

You become more open-minded

Going on an adventure means that you have to let all of your inhibitions go and simply go with the flow, and by saying ‘yes’ to everything (within reason, of course), you will be able to become more open-minded to people, places, and experiences. Not only will this open-mindedness allow you to experience even more epic adventures, but they will also allow you to look at your own life and wonder where you’re going.

If you’re currently in your 20s, you may be wondering where the heck you’re going with your life – but you might find that finding adventure in your 20s will be much more important than searching for your soulmate. What do you think?