9 Travel Blogs You Should Totally Subscribe To

Many of us are either dreaming of or planning our next trip, even if we may have just returned from a vacation, or have no time off of work in the near future.  There is travel inspiration in so many forms, whether it be from hearing stories from friends, reading magazines, or seeing destinations on Television. However, the most authentic, comprehensive and unbiased way to discover the best travel tips is through travel blogs. They are written by real people who have traveled the world and are not trying to sell you something. They are passionate travelers who want to share their experiences to help you enhance yours.


Summersite travel blog will offer you all that you are looking for and more when it comes to summer, including surfing, beaches, and swimwear.  Follow this unique blog to join their never ending summer adventure.   This is a major source of beach inspired vacations and features more swimsuit models than Victoria’s secret.

9 Travel Blogs You Should Totally Subscribe To

Adventure Mumma

Adventure Mumma blog is based out of Cairns, Australia, written by Kate Richards.  If you’re ever looking for a new group, her tribe wouldn’t be a bad one to be a part of in the least bit.  This lively and adventurous group of four shares every detail of their travels with their followers, with no vacation of theirs being even remotely similar.

9 Travel Blogs You Should Totally Subscribe To

Guillaume Cornet

What better way to share your travel experiences than through a video? Guillaume Cornet’s one-of-a-kind vlog, short for video blog does just this!  This way followers can really understand the travel experience, rather than merely read about it. His current adventure he is broadcasting is in Queensland, Australia!

9 Travel Blogs You Should Totally Subscribe To

The Global Goddess

The Global Goddess travel blog offers the most hilarious of travel stories. They could be their own comedy routine in fact.  Christine Retschlag uses her wit to conquer the world, and while she’s not writing travel blogs, she’s searching for love throughout the world. Don’t miss the time she meditated with a horse.

9 Travel Blogs You Should Totally Subscribe To

Little Grey Box

Little Grey Box by Phoebe and Matt is the perfect travel blog for those who want to see the most dreamy of photographs and deepest, most inspirational of reflections, which will most likely be most of you. They offer both useful travel guides as well as videos. It’s probably more helpful than a hotel concierge.

9 Travel Blogs You Should Totally Subscribe To

Together We Roam

In Together We Roam, Rene Young proves that you can, in fact, make a career from traveling with two young children.  While traveling with two children younger than seven might be an absolute nightmare for many, she makes it seem to be the simplest, most stress-free adventure.  If this family isn’t traveling across the word, they are having an adventure in their backyard.

9 Travel Blogs You Should Totally Subscribe To

The Fit Traveller

The Fit Traveller is your perfect solution to avoiding weight gain while traveling. Most people have gained a few kilograms while traveling and think that it’s unavoidable. However Skye Gilkeson, author of this helpful blog is the queen of health and wellness, and she understands that nothing in extreme will do anyone any good. She’s a professional when it comes to moderation and enjoying.

9 Travel Blogs You Should Totally Subscribe To

School Mum

School Mums by Sam Jockel somehow has more than 24 hours in her day.  If she’s not busy writing for School Mum, she’s writing for Aldi Mum from Brisbane.  She offers the world’s best lunch box secrets and knows all the best tricks for traveling with children, and even the most of trouble makers. One of her favorite traveling activities is whale watching.

9 Travel Blogs You Should Totally Subscribe To

Department of Wandering

The Department of Wandering offers all the travel information you can possibly imagine, including travel tips, incredible photographs, lists and more to make sure you get to accomplish everything your heart desires on your trip!

9 Travel Blogs You Should Totally Subscribe To