8 Traits People Find Attractive

It may seem simple to list out the traits you typically think you find attractive in a partner. From hair color to height, there are plenty of variables to keep us on our toes. However, there are also many factors that are out of our hands and entirely up to human nature.

Being the funny one

When it comes down to it, women find a sense of humor more important than men. There is a theory that being funny could have a link to being more intelligent which is thought to be one reason for the need to laugh. Apparently, women seek out men with a good sense of humor as they want to pass that onto their children. It is said that men also list having a sense of humor as necessary, but don’t find funny women more attractive.

Pet person

People have theorized that owning a pet makes someone more attractive, but could it really be true? In one study, a man got three times as many phone numbers from women when he was accompanied by a dog! Ever since there have been a variety of studies into pet ownership and attractiveness which all point to the same direction: there is a definite link. It may be time to head to the dog park.

Kind personality

As much as some want to believe they want a bad boy, ultimately it comes down to having a kind personality when it comes to finding a partner. Not only does it make you come across as a more approachable person, but being friendly also gives off good vibes to anyone looking to go on a date. It may be worth perfecting that smile to land yourself a partner.

Facial hair

It looks as though the men of this world that have skipped shaving for a few days are in for some luck, according to research, it has shown that women are most attracted to men when they have some stubble going on compared to someone that has a clean-shaven face. However, having a full beard can see you in for the long-run. It looks as though there can never be too much beard in a relationship! Actually, maybe we take that back…

Social butterfly

According to a 2014 study, people are more attracted to people if they see them socializing with a group of people. It may sound odd, but hear us out. Apparently, our brains work out the “average attractiveness” of the group before deciding on the face that takes out fancy. This could also have the opposite effect if you get put into the average category. Hey, you never know!

Smart money choices

It is said that people are more attracted to people that can handle their money. Both men and women have stated that they find it essential that their partner is good with money before getting into a relationship. It may be worth laying off the lavish purchases to impress someone you’re dating.

Pitch perfect

For women, they are said to find men with deeper voices more attractive. This is apparently due to the fact it makes them seem more masculine as well as having more testosterone. On the flip side, men are reported to like women with higher-pitched voices. This is reportedly because it makes them appear younger as well as looking slimmer.

Credit six-pack

Being good with money now isn’t all that’s important; so is having a good credit score. According to research, men and women have all placed a good credit score above fancy vehicles, good jobs, and looking physically attractive. When it comes to dating it’s about the long haul, and a bad credit score could cause problems later on down the line.

Everyone in this world is different, and sometimes it’s those differences that make us the most attractive. But when it comes to what our bodies are naturally drawn to there can be no stopping ourselves. We don’t need to become someone we’re not – we can just be us to find our perfect person.