8 Amazon Products That Will Make Mommy and Baby Life Better

We all know that mom life isn’t easy. Here are 8 products to keep both mom and baby happy by making their life better.

Babies bring so much joy, but they also bring many challenges and require an incredible amount of attention. Changing diapers, feedings, sicknesses, and sleepless nights are enough to bring both mom and baby to tears. Having some items that make things just a bit easier can be a relief. We know your plate is full right now, mama, so here are 8 products that reviewers are raving about and will surely make your life better.

1. Organic cough syrup

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Why we love it:  Honey, agave, and organic elderberries naturally lend the products their just-sweet-enough taste. It has zero added sugar, alcohol, and zero artificial colors and flavors.

Reassuring review: “Babies seem to catch every germ within a 5-mile radius. My little girl would keep the entire house up with her cough. The problem is traditional cough medicine cannot be given until they are older. I am so glad I found this product! It is medicine free but has some wonderful ingredients that help. The honey feels good on her throat and eases that tickle. The chamomile seemed to calm her enough to get some sleep. I am happy they included zinc and vitamin C to help kick the cold faster. Best of all, it tastes good. I tried it before giving it to my daughter and knew it would be easy to get her to take it. The honey gives it such a nice, sweet flavor. With a sick child, my husband and I were already exhausted so the last thing we wanted was to have to fight her to take something for her cough. She is happy when she sees us coming with the “yum yum medicine”. It is so appreciated that they did not include any artificial colorings or flavors. So many kids don’t react well to those items (including our daughter) and they are unnecessary. I highly recommend this if you need your young kid to have some relief when they are struggling with a cold or allergies.”

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2. Badger sunscreen stick

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Why we love it: Zinc oxide, the safest active ingredient for broad-spectrum protection, is used in this 100% mineral sunscreen stick. Even sensitive skin will find it gentle, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, and safe.

Reassuring review: “With melanoma running in my family, sun protection is very important. We prefer mineral sunscreens because they have been proven to be the safest and most gentle on our skin. My 5-year-old is used to the sunscreen routine and does well when we apply it to her body. The problem comes when we put it on her face. She squirms and fights it. I think the feeling of our hands all over her face is irritating. We like this stick because she can do the initial application herself. She even does well rubbing it in. I go behind her and make sure she doesn’t miss any spots. This has made it much easier for me. And any mom would know that anything that can make our life easier is more than appreciated! This sunscreen also doesn’t run into her eyes. The chemical sunscreen would make her cry because when it got wet it would run and sting her eyes. This is thick so it stays put. It may make blending a little harder, but that is better than the alternative. This little stick so easily fits in my purse, beach bag, and car. I make sure I always have sunscreen in case we find ourselves at a park unplanned.” 

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3. Birdseye cloth diapers

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Why we love it: You can use them as diaper cloths, burp cloths, unpaper towels, dish drying cloths, or dusting cloths. You can also use it to mop up spills, dry your hands, or do any normal paper towel job.

Reassuring review: “I got these cloth diapers because a friend recommended cloth diapers for burp cloths. While I used disposable diapers for diapering purposes, these came in handy. I do agree that they are great for burp cloths. They cover more surface area and are absorbent, so they are perfect when the baby inevitably spits up. That is not where the uses ended, however. I found myself using them to wipe her face, to block the sun in the car, and even as a wipe one time when I ran out of wet wipes (oops). This was one of those things I have stuck everywhere. I always had a couple in my diaper bag, one in the car, one in the living room, and of course, in the bedroom. We grabbed them so often I feel it was one of those items that took the place of so many things. And can we talk about drool for a minute? These were always my drool catchers. I liked these better than the fancy bibs I got as gifts. Now that our daughter is past the baby stage, my husband now uses them in his car. I think these should be on your list of must-haves for any new family.” 

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4. Halo sleepsack

Why we love it: It opens from the bottom for easy diaper changes; it has no sleeves to prevent overheating, and it has sized arm and neck openings to ensure a safe fit.

Reassuring review: “This is one of those items that I thought was unnecessary when I was initially shopping for my baby. I was given one and didn’t think I would use it. Then once my child no longer wanted to be swaddled, she would get cold in her crib. Doctors warned about having loose blankets in her crib so that is why I tried this item. Once I used the gifted sleepsack, I realized how much of a necessity this was! My daughter slept well in them, and the zipper made it easy to do middle-of-the-night diaper changes. She rolled a lot in her sleep, and I never had to worry about her getting caught up in a blanket. She also could move her legs and even stand up in her crib easily in this. I purchased a few more so I always had one for her to sleep comfortably. We got the fleece ones for the cold winters and the lighter cotton ones for the rest of the year. Now that she has outgrown them, I am so sad. They really were cute. If you are looking for a baby shower gift, do the mom a favor and get her some of these!” 

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5. Conversation Cards


Why we love it: The cards contain 101 questions parents can ask their children to provide stronger bonds and a deeper understanding.

Reassuring review: “I purchased this in hopes to start deeper conversations at the dinner table. Our daughter needed engagement otherwise she would get antsy (which would lead to arguments). I was searching for an answer to our constant table battle that didn’t involve screen time. These cards were surprisingly helpful. They asked questions my husband and I would not have thought to ask her. We all enjoyed the challenge of answering the questions. We also learned a lot about each other and even ourselves. I am grateful for this simple yet meaningful product. We already know our child’s favorite color, now we know a moment when her feelings were hurt and things that make her laugh. My favorite question was “what do you like about yourself”. I love that it forced her to look at her many beautiful attributes and find things she loves. It’s so easy for us to focus on the negative and this question made her love herself a little bit more.” I’m putting together various items to put in gift baskets for the holidays. I am definitely adding these cards for them. No matter the age of your kids I think you will benefit from the connections these cards help make. It should be a staple on every kitchen table.

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6. Nursing cover


Why we love it: Each lightweight nursing cover includes an extra-large burp cloth which allows mothers to easily transition between feeding and burping. 

Reassuring review: “Having the freedom to feed my child anywhere is one of the perks of nursing. However, sometimes I like to cover up while feeding her. Especially since the outside distractions make her have trouble focusing on the task at hand. It’s pretty convenient with this cover. This cover has a strap that goes around my neck, so I don’t have to worry about it falling off constantly. Additionally, it has a flexible (almost like a thick pipe cleaner) top that allows me to check how my baby is latching. I also like that it helps keep the fabric off her face while feeding. I have used a baby blanket before, and it was too thick and made my daughter sweaty. This fabric is nice and thin allowing her to nurse without overheating. Another genius feature is the built-in burp cloth which serves two purposes for me. First, it weighs down the cloth on the bottom, so the wind doesn’t blow it (if I’m outside). And it flips up to use when burping my child. Saves me from always having to carry an extra item. I like having two so when one is in the wash, I have another ready to go. 

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7. Table Corner Protectors


Why we love it: Double-sided adhesive tape sticks to surfaces such as wood, glass, steel, and ceramic for a long-term hold. For easy installation, it comes pre-taped. 

Reassuring review: “I should set the scene first. My husband and I didn’t babyproof our home before our child was born. She was a late walker so we were able to gradually find problem areas. When she decided to walk however it was basically overnight. Suddenly our late crawler was walking! My husband and I quickly ordered these and crawled around the house searching for every hazard we could find. Within hours we had our first save. Our daughter fell directly on the corner of our coffee table. While she still cried because it hurt to fall, she had zero injuries from the corner. It is such an easy and simple little thing, but it gives such a piece of mind. I’m sure there will be injuries, but if we can avoid some of them then we are doing good. These are incredibly simple to use. We peeled off the backs of the tape and stuck it directly to the corner. All of our corners were wood, and it has stayed put pretty well. When we sold a piece of furniture that had two of them on it, I used a hair dryer to warm it up and it easily peeled off without damage. This is a mommy must-have.” 

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8. Tangle teezer

Why we love it: This product is from a small business. With its long, flexible teeth, the brush removes knots and reduces breakage, while its short teeth smooth hair, creating a glossy, frizz-free finish.

Reassuring review: “My daughter has baby fine hair that tangles if you even look at it wrong. I have to brush it immediately after getting out of the shower or else it’s too tangled. But brushing on wet hair I was worried I would cause breakage. This brush is wonderful! I keep it hooked directly inside the bathtub and brush her hair before I even take her out. It has saved us so many tears. I liked it so much that I got another one to keep inside our swim bag so I could get her hair detangled at the pool. I originally got this for her, but I have found myself using it too. I think I am going to get myself the larger size (which will be better for my larger head!). I highly recommend it to all those moms out there who are struggling with the tangles like I was. The trick is to spray the detangler first then start at the bottom and slowly work your way up removing any tangles. My daughter has gotten to the point where she will remind me to brush her hair quickly after her shower. She knows it’s the only way we avoid those terrible knots. “

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