7 Special Projects in Google’s Secret Lab

Google is a lot less secretive about its projects in the making than Apple. In fact, they actually release updates here and there in BusinessWeek magazine about projects that are currently being developed in their research lab. Therefore, Google’s innovation is not doubted in the least bit.  Here are some incredible inventions that will seriously blow your mind, with some still being developed and some that have already come into the market, advancing the world day by day.

Self-driving cars

One of Google’s first Google X projects includes cars that are computerized and that can drive themselves. Is this real life?  This will seriously change the world for the better. Imagine a society without parking lots, or even having to look for parking, as well as one without traffic jams, accidents, stress, and so many other unbelievable benefits.


A wearable computer

Google Glass, which is powered by Android, is a computerized screen that goes right into your field of vision, just like a pair of glasses. However, this is seriously not your everyday ‘better eyesight’ glasses. These incredible glasses are basically the internet within your peripheral vision.  Picture this as you navigate with a maps app, or imagine texting someone by merely speaking to yourself. You’ve got the world right in front of you.

Wind-power generators that float

The CEO of Google, Larry Page gave the green light in purchasing Makani Power for the Google X lab. With this, Google now has wind turbines attached on fixed-wing aircraft’s attached at ground level. It is a sort of hybrid-kite system.

Computers that surf the web and learn

Google actually has a massive network of computers that can somehow learn by surfing the web. The network has approximately 16,000 computers which look like a laptop and feel like a laptop, however, they actually called a Chromebook. They help people get things done faster by using the Chrome OS operating system to give you only the best apps, security, and management, among other features.

Methods to offer the internet to underdeveloped countries

Google is researching ways to bring the internet to underdeveloped parts of the world. This includes introducing cheap smartphones to markets that are starting to surface. Apparently, Google is additionally working on methods of introducing broadband transmitters on high-altitude balloons. This would allow for internet access in countries where there is a lack of even the most basic of infrastructure.


Blood screening

Andrew Conrad, the former head scientist of LabCorp, a blood-screening company, joined the Google X team in 2013  in order to join forces and work on a secret project.  Two years later, in 2015, Google filed for a patent for a ‘needle-free blood draw’ system. This can be worn similar to a bracelet, or as a hand-held device, similar to a cell-phone. In both ways, it takes blood from a fingertip or for other parts of the body. For those who could never handle getting a needle, your problems are solved.

Google has an annual conference

You may not know that Google has a yearly conference. It’s called ‘Solve for X’ in which it brings together a large group of entrepreneurs as well as researchers who discuss the next-generation of technology.  Some things that have been brought up include bionic eyes as well bendable electronics. Stayed tuned for what Google will bring for the future, you surely won’t be let down.