6 Amazon Products Your Body Will Love 

Staying fit is certainly a commitment. Besides doing the physical training, there are some other factors to consider, like nutrition and physical well-being and support.

Most of us usually like working out. We also enjoy keeping our bodies in top shape by staying hydrated. We appreciate holistic treatments if – and often when – we overdo it. If you’re exercising or working out with weights, you must be aware of the risks that come with the rewards. Whether it’s a mission to crosstrain for a competition or just to stay in shape, these products will help you find your way.

1. Long razor extension handle 

Why we love it: This long handle makes shaving a breeze. It helps reach the harder places to shave, like feet and ankles. Ideal for those who have had back or hip surgery.

Reassuring review: “I am so glad I decided to get this product. At first I was a little skeptical. I was in doubt if it would do the job, but it has worked out really well. I, unfortunately, have had back and mobility problems most of my life. I had a hip replacement several years ago, and I recently had my second hip replaced. This truly has been a complete blessing when it comes to shaving my legs. It is still very difficult to bend over and this has helped tremendously when I shave. It holds the razor steadily, and it fits several different models, all of which I use. The razor stays put and doesn’t flip or fall off the extender. Although it took about two tries to get used to, it works beautifully, it gives me an even shave, and my legs feel super smooth. Anybody who has a bad back or hips would greatly benefit from this. I only wish I had found this back when I had my first hip replacement. I think I would’ve had prettier legs back then! My daughter is pregnant and this will be a great gift for her – especially when she’s in her third trimester and can’t bend down so well.” 

Get it from Amazon for [$19.99]

2. Badger sore muscle rub

Why we love it: This certified organic muscle balm stands far above the rest because of its all-natural ingredients. It gently warms sore muscles, and has a wonderful fragrance as well. 

Reassuring review: “I have been familiar with Badger balm for a while. Years ago I would use their hard-working hands healing balm and it helped my hands immensely. I live up north and would get irritated, cracked hands from the cold weather. Bill Whyte, who is from the New England area, founded this brand, and has continued to put out consistently good products. Although it is not the most important to me, I do like that it is organic. All of their products smell good, they have natural ingredients, and they work! The sore muscle rub works wonders and it has a blend of cayenne and ginger. Both of these ingredients help soothe aching muscles and keep them from getting stiff. The smell isn’t overpowering and the rub gradually feels “warm” on the skin. I have used more powerful pain creams before this, and I can assure you that Badger is close to the same level. Although it may not be as tingly as some of those others, the effects last longer, and it is definitely a much better scent. Something that is important to me – it’s not tested on animals. My daughter is an avid jogger, and I picked one up for her. Her son (my grandson) who turns 4 soon, will receive the Badger Night-Night balm.”

Get it from Amazon for [$15.80]

3. Elbow brace 

Why we love it: This is a supportive brace for tendonitis – tennis elbow – and can be used for working out. The brace is comfortable and has an adjustable fit. 

Reassuring review: “I am so glad I got this brace. I have been a long time tennis player, and I recently started playing golf. This helps give me more support. I’ve had problems with both elbows and in the past have I used other extended wear braces before, but this one seems to be better. It is made of Neoprene, is moisture wicking, and lightweight. When I play golf, I will often get hot and this brace definitely helps keep the sweat mitigated so it’s very comfortable. The compression aspect works as it should, and I would recommend taking an accurate measurement of your arm, just so you can get the proper fit. I was right in between the L & XL sizes, and I chose the XL, since I can adjust the straps. I think it was the right choice. My soreness at night has been relieved, and yet while they’re not fully recovered, my elbows are both feeling much better. I’m getting more sleep, and I can with certainty say my need to take any muscle relaxer medicines has greatly diminished. I bought the black brace with blue trim, but it comes in several other colors. Also there is some kinesiology tape that comes with it, which has been useful. I think I’m going to get my son this, as he participates in karate.”

Get it from Amazon at [$29.97]

4. Weightlifting neck harness 

Why we love it: Besides working out your arms, legs, and core, working out your neck is also important. This comfortable harness will help you do just that.

Reassuring review: “I am in the gym literally every day, sometimes twice a day. Besides doing my regular workouts, I also try to exercise my neck. It helps with circulation, and prevents any future stiff neck and shoulder issues. My posture has improved from doing this. The harness has been great, as it’s comfortable to use, fits well, and has been a standard part of my workout. I use it about every other day and I have a routine of several exercises that I do with it in order to strengthen my neck. It’s made of Neoprene, a strong material, it has reinforced stitching, washes well, and has not fallen apart. I have one in black, but I’m thinking about getting a red one. They come in a variety of colors. This has been beneficial for my workout, as it’s easy to wear around the gym, or when I’m on the treadmill at home. Although I’m not seeking a neck that is super large, I’ve noticed that the diameter of it has definitely increased and my shoulders and back look even more muscular. I’m careful to not overdo it, as there are some nerves in my neck I don’t want to hurt. I found if I go slow, use this harness, and watch my weights, I will be fine – and have a great workout.”

Get it from Amazon for [$29.99]

5. Massage ball set 

Why we love it: These Acupoint physical therapy balls are definitely a welcome addition for those who love working out, but don’t love the muscle aches afterward.

Reassuring review: “I’m a part time yoga instructor and I also work out several days a week. I’ve found these little balls to be very useful and they have likely helped me avoid a muscle ache or two. They’re great when you know you’ve probably strained a muscle after working out. Occasionally I get over-enthusiastic and know I’ll be waking up to back strain. I’ve used these balls to alleviate that. They come in different shapes and sizes. I’ve been able to find a use for each of them. Six balls are in the set, along with a cute travel bag, so it’s very easy to take with me. I find I use some more than others, but the one I use the most is the little hand exercise ball. I keep that in my car and will do a hand workout when I’m stuck in traffic. Multitasking at its finest! I’ll use the larger ball on the bottom of my foot after a long day and it really helps with tired feet. These are easy to clean – either spritz them with antibacterial spray or wash with light soap and water. These are a nice therapeutic investment at a great value.”

Get it from Amazon for [$23.99]

6. Advanced hydration sports drink 

Why we love it: This drink replenishes the moisture lost in your body from working out. Great blend of electrolytes, creatine, and amino acids. Excellent taste.

Reassuring review: “After working out or jogging, I’m always trying to find that perfect hydration drink – and here it is. Post Sweat comes in two flavors. Because of all the hydration I lose while working out, I like these sports drinks. They also seem to help my muscles not feel so tired or strained after a tough workout. I’ve done other protein shakes, but this is so much lighter, and goes down smoothly. I’ve tried both flavors (fruit punch and the blue raspberry) and I like the raspberry a bit better. I also add in a smidgeon extra of water – as it is pretty sweet and this does extend the usage of the bottle. The electrolytes and numerous amino acids packed in there definitely help my energy level, and enhance how I feel after yoga, running, or post gym class. One of the best things about this is that it’s not gritty, it mixes well, and it’s good at both room temperature and chilled. It’s non-GMO and has magnesium and potassium in it. The package is true to the weight it claims, so I like that, since I’ve been slighted before. All in all, a good product and worthwhile; I would recommend it.”

Get it from Amazon for [$30.29]

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