5 Types of Music that can make you more productive

We all have our different methods of being our most productive self. For some people, some background music is the best way to get stuff done and get it done quickly. However, did you know that some music can really speed up your progress, while some genres can really restrict your creative juices from flowing? Some of the worst offenders are songs with lyric or complex sounds. So instead let’s talk about the best music for you to help you get into the groove.

Classical Musical

It has been found that listening to classical music has a positive effect on mood and can increase your focus on tasks that you are working on. There are so many classical composers to choose from that there’s a lot of variety that you can choose from. Maybe you fancy something up-tempo like Mars from Gustav Holst’s Planet Suites. Alternatively, you could try something gentle like Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie No 1.

5 Types of Music that can make you more productive

Nature Music

Music from nature is another one that can improve your concentration and the speed you process information. Nature can be very soothing – think rivers running gently, the wind blowing through the leaves on the trees or even the sound of rain on your roof. Often these soundtracks include gentle instrumentals from pianos or maybe wind instruments which is also great for helping you keep that concentration. However, you should avoid the harsher natural noises, for example, singing birds or animal calls in general. These can be too distracting – you need sounds that are more soothing and flowing.

Epic Music

I know, is that really a category of music? But trust me, it is! Just picture the kind of music you in action movies just as the action is getting exciting. This type of soundtrack to your activities can make you feel really important and powerful so is great for giving an energy boost and pumping up your motivation when your work is getting a little on top of you. John Williams is a good composer for this kind of thing so you could try out the soundtracks for Jaws, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter or even Star Wars to name just a few.

Video Game Music

This is another excellent example of music that can help give you a sense of purpose to what you’re working on. They are written to make the gaming experience as enhanced as possible and keep you on task, so they work well outside of just playing games. There are so many different tones to this kind of music so you can choose it based on how you feel. There are the more low key and relaxing music from Animal Crossing or the Pokemon games and at the other end of the spectrum the more intense music of Halo, Skyrim and Final Fantasy.

5 Types of Music that can make you more productive

Ambient Soundtracks

If the reason you can’t get on and work is more to do with stress, you could turn to ambient music. It is simple, often comforting and doesn’t take up too much of your attention which would make it too distracting. It’s the kind of thing that can help you work through difficult challenges. There are many great compilations of this sort of music on YouTube.

The best thing to do is to experiment with what works best for you and find how you need to be boosted in your more – more energy, better concentration, etc. But sometimes for some people, silence is the best thing to keep them going.