The 5 most sustainable countries on earth

Sustainability is the word on the lips of most World Governments right now, and a recent report issued by sustainability group RobecoSAM has determined the most sustainable countries in the world. The criteria for defining this sustainability is threefold; being based in Governmental, social, and environmental conditions in each nation. So, which countries are ticking all the right boxes when it comes to true sustainability? According to the report, these are the most sustainable countries on earth.

The 5 most sustainable countries on earth


Coming in at number five is Denmark. Historically, Denmark has been a pretty sustainable country. Not only that, but it frequently comes at the top of quality of life surveys, too. Perhaps sustainability and quality of life go hand in hand? Recently, the UN opened their Green Headquarters in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Their Green offshore project, featuring an ocean of wind turbines, has also been hitting the headlines for all the right reasons. There’s no denying Denmark are right up there when it comes to sustainable countries, making them a good investment choice for businesses and a pretty lovely place to live too.

United Kingdom

The UK has always had a strong focus on sustainable development, which is probably what has landed them the fourth spot in the RobecoSAM list. While there are likely to be some changes in rules since the British public voted for Brexit, it’s unlikely all the UK’s hard work is going to go to waste. Various government schemes have encouraged businesses and the public alike to ‘Go Green,’ including free solar panels and grants for those who reduce their carbon emissions.

The 5 most sustainable countries on earth


Recently, Norway set a goal to become an entirely carbon neutral country by 2030. Might sound like a big ask, but turns out they’re doing pretty well already! While they may be one of the largest exporters of oil in the world, along with previously being one of the biggest polluters, it seems that Norway wants to do everything they can to pull it back. Their high income from oil is pumped back into sustainable projects, including generating nearly 100% of their power through hydroelectricity. Do their attempts at going green offset their huge exports of oil? RobecoSAM seems to think so.


Caring for the environment is an everyday part of life if you’re from Switzerland. From a strict recycling regime through to even stricter rules for construction projects. If you want to live and work in Switzerland, then you best take the environment as seriously as they do. As with Denmark, this has led to Switzerland topping several charts on quality of life, which proves that sustainability and happy citizens go hand in hand. They don’t just focus on themselves, however. Switzerland is the home of Cleantech, a leading organization that creates eco-friendly products and services. This country truly does pioneer ‘living green,’ but they’re still just in second place.

The 5 most sustainable countries on earth


And in first place! According to the RobecoSAM report, Sweden is the most sustainable country on the planet. The Swedes take serious pride in their green living, and it’s clear to see if you ever visit this Scandinavian country. You’ll see more people walking, cycling and taking public transport than driving around in fast cars, and if they do have fast cars, they’re far more likely to be electric. They also have Europe’s greenest city, Vaxjo, which aims to become completely fossil fuel free by 2030.