There is nothing like a sibling bond

There really is nothing like a sibling bond.  It’s a connection that cannot be described in one word. It’s the pure comfort you feel together, even in silence. It’s that feeling that you both know you are feeling without saying anything. It means that even if you have not spoken in days, nothing changes. It’s knowing that no matter what, you can always count on them, because they are your sibling.

It is our longest lasting relationship

In most cases, our brother or sister is the human being that we know for the longest.  Even if siblings have had rough periods of fighting or have lost touch at some point, their sibling connection will always exist. It is a lifetime relationship, more so than that of our parents, friends and romantic partners.

They are the best teachers

Siblings provide their younger brothers or sisters with their first interactions, and well as a first chance to be faced with intimate relationships.  Our siblings become our role models from day one.  They teach us to how to deal with situations, or how not to go about things.  Sisters teach their brothers about the complex minds of girls, and brother teach their sisters about the game of boys.  There is no one that can better teach you about life than a sibling, especially since they understand you more than anyone.

Your memories together focus on the good times

While some people are more forgiving than others and can let negative experiences go, siblings are especially able to do this when it comes to each other.  Studies have even shown that siblings that fought a lot in their childhood often become closer in adulthood. Even those with troubled siblings often took valuable lessons from them.

The bad times bring them even closer

Siblings experience the challenges of life together. Traumatic experiences together are often shared with siblings, whether it be the loss of a loved on, the divorce of their parents, supporting each other through difficult times and working through the pain together makes them extremely close and strengthens their relationship.

They understand each other more than anyone else

Perhaps due to all the time spent together, there is something so unique and special about how siblings understand each other.  They have shared unique experiences together and are the only people who share the exact same genes and have had the same upbringing.  When they are frustrated with their parents, only their sibling will really be able to understand the dynamic.

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