5 jobs that will probably make a comeback

There are many careers that we might categorize as being a little strange or a bit out of left field. But, that doesn’t mean they are of any less worth than any other kind of career path. In fact, it seems that we are approaching an age in which older careers and jobs look as though they are going to be making a comeback. So, now might be a good time to get yourself trained up, and make sure you get in there quick so you get in there when they’re on the rise.

Chimney Sweep

Thinking about chimney sweeping as a job might make you think back to Oliver Twist and Dickensian or Victorian England. But, believe it or not, a chimney sweep is a career that is beginning to enjoy something of a resurgence. It might surprise you to learn, but there are actual job listings out there for chimney sweeps, and, for some people, it can actually be a pretty viable career path.

5 jobs that will probably make a comeback


Blacksmiths are thought of as an old-fashioned and outdated concept, but they are still around in some parts of the world. And, it looks as though this is a career path that could well be making a comeback in a big way. You might think Game of Thrones when you consider blacksmiths, but this is a career that is making a comeback. Schools and classes across the country are now teaching blacksmithing as a craft, and job prospects are continuing to grow.

5 jobs that will probably make a comeback


Now, there is a discernible difference between a barber and a regular hair salon. Specifically, these old-school establishments are places men can go to get a haircut and a wet shave, and not have to pay the Earth. There has been a big surge in popularity with classic shaving these days, even Amazon has a new category for it. This has led to increased attention in barbershops, and will no doubt see an influx of barber-related career paths up for grabs as a result.

5 jobs that will probably make a comeback


This is one of the more niche jobs on our list, but certainly deserving of a place. Beekeeping is an important craft and plays a big role in the natural world, but it has seen a decline over the past decade. Well, the good news is that we have seen an upturn in interest in beekeeping recently, this is likely due to concern over local produced sustainable foods. With the bee population in need of some help, it surely won’t be too long before beekeeping is a popular workable occupation once again.

5 jobs that will probably make a comeback


We know what you’re thinking, farming is already a job, right?! Well, yes, it’s true that farming is still a profession, though one that is limited to the rural countryside. Farming has been on a decline for a number of years but is slowly beginning to gain interest. More and more Americans are showing an interest in farming as a profession. This likely has a lot to do with the fact that we are much more conscious of healthy eating nowadays, and the two often go hand in hand. Farming has enjoyed a surge in popularity and attention in recent years, and this looks set to see an upturn in the number of young people going into farming for a career.

5 jobs that will probably make a comeback

These professions were more popular in times gone by, but there are still people out there doing them. They are skills that need to be learned and passed on to future generations so they aren’t forgotten about. It’s up to us to ensure that these dwindling professions have a resurgence, so get learning!