5 great things that you can do at the beach

The sun, the sand, the sea breeze in our hair. Of course, we can only be talking about the beach. Now summer is finally here, surely it’s time for a beach trip? However, if you’re worried about getting bored on your travels then have no fear; we have 5 great things that you can do at the beach. The bonus? You might not even have to spend a fortune…

Get out a kite

All that wind at the beach can make it the perfect place to go fly a kite. Worried about looking like a big kid? Don’t be! Kites are great fun for everyone as you zoom them around in the skies up above. However, if you want to add some more adrenaline to your day then why not opt for kitesurfing, kiteboarding, or even kite buggy your way around the sand? There are many places all around the world that offer up lessons for a reasonable price. And who knows, you could be about to find a brand new skill you never knew you had all thanks to a trip to the beach.

5 great things that you can do at the beach

Become a sand creature

If you want to head to the beach for a day packed full of fun but don’t want to break the bank for the joy, then it might be time to utilize what’s all around you: the sand! Over the years, we have seen many marvelous creations, and now it seems as though we could become a living piece. From mermaids to dragons, and TV characters to your family members – there is no end to the number of things we can become in the sand. The best bit? Anyone in the family can have a go, and you can get as creative as you like.

Plaster of Paris memories

It seems as though all that sand is perfect for making all kinds of wonders, no matter how big our dreams. One of the many great things you can do at the beach is use the sand as a mold for your creation. All you need to do is find some damp sand as the base of your creation. Then, merely push your hands, feet, or just about whatever you want to into the sand to create a shape. If you like, you can even add in some seashells or stone before pouring in the plaster of Paris, letting it set, and walking home with a brand new memory.

5 great things that you can do at the beach

Play tic-tac-toe

This might sound like a simple thing that you can do at the beach, but hear us out. You’ll be able to have hours of fun searching high and low for enough counters that match before you even begin the games. Then, all you need to do is mark out a grid in the sand and get playing! If you soon find yourself the master of tic-tac-toe and looking for another way to spend your time, then it can be easy to mark out a space for games such as connect four instead.

Take a dip

Of course, how could we finish off a list of great things that you can do at the beach without including a swim in the ocean? We’re not that silly. Be sure to take your swimwear before heading to the beach where you can enjoy this refreshing way to cool down after hours of fun in the sun. Plus, if you bring a pair of goggles and maybe even a snorkel, then you can add to the fun by taking a view of what lies underneath. Still not convinced? Some floaties or balls make great additions to any water-themed fun at the beach.

The beach can be great fun for all the family. Now, it looks as though there is plenty to keep us entertained on our trip thanks to all these great things that we can do at the beach.