5 foods you’ll want to steal from vegans

Vegans follow a strict diet that avoids all animal products, including all dairy products, meats and eggs. Some people may think that this diet is a hassle and is difficult to find sufficient and tasty foods to eat. However, if you ask a vegan, they are likely to tell you that they in no way feel as though they are missing out on anything. In fact, they feel great, healthy and energized and have found replacement foods for nearly everything.

5 foods you’ll want to steal from vegans

Even if you are not a vegan, there are some foods that they eat that are not only incredibly delicious, but that are also much better for you than some of the other foods you have been eating. There are many vegan secrets to replace certain foods that can give you some inspiration into your own diet.  Getting creative in the kitchen and stealing some vegan secrets will without a doubt be something you do not regret.

Banana slices instead of ice cream

Vegans are human beings as well, so just like you do, they crave ice cream on a regular basis, especially so on those hot summer days. So even if you are not a vegan, you probably try to cut down on your ice cream intake for health reasons. But how is this possible? You cannot live without a creamy and refreshing treat, of course. Well, you do not have to! Vegans know the secret which is making ice cream out of frozen bananas.  It contains no dairy, no added sugar and does not even require an ice cream maker. Who knew that you could have a healthy ice cream? Vegans sure did.

Cashews instead of cream cheese

Everyone loves spreading cream cheese on their bagel or toast, vegans and non-vegans alike. But what does a vegan do in such a case? Well, it is quite simple. They create their own dairy-free spread with cashews. Not only is this a super unique and delicious vegan alternative, but it is also even healthier.  Cream cheese is often high in saturated fats and other than the dairy does not provide many nutritional benefits. Cashews, on the other hand, contain a healthier type of fat as well as more protein and fiber, which will keep you satisfied for longer.

5 foods you’ll want to steal from vegans

Hummus instead of cheese

Using hummus instead of cheese, especially so on a pizza is a wonderful option that vegans are very familiar with. Hummus adds a savory, creamy and interesting twist to any pizza. It is most recommended with a roasted vegetable pizza. Hummus has more minerals and vitamins than cheese, as well as less saturated fat.  This magical puree can also be used to make super creamy mashed potatoes. Vegans know what’s up.

Avocado instead of butter

Vegans know that avocado makes a great substitute for butter, even in baking. You just need to know your proportions, that avocado yields around three-quarters of a cup. This hack is not only useful for vegans since avocado contains fewer calories than butter. Mashed avocado is 184 calories, as opposed to butter which is 813 calories per portion. Calories aside, it also makes for even moister baked goods. Although avocado is indeed high in fat, they contain a monounsaturated fat which is good for the heart, can help lower cholesterol and decrease belly fat.  Does not sound like a bad option at all.

5 foods you’ll want to steal from vegans

Chickpeas instead of beef

Do you really think that all vegans have given up on eating burgers? Probably not. Just like the ice cream, they have normal human cravings and always find a way to find substitutes.  Vegans often make chickpea patties instead of beef burgers. Now even if you are a meat loving non-vegan, this does not mean you can’t enjoy a vegan patty.  Sometimes it is good to cut down on your overall meat intake, especially since chickpeas contain less fat and additives. Your body will thank you and your taste buds certainly will not complain.

5 foods you’ll want to steal from vegans