5 career choices for you extroverts out there

If you are an extrovert then you of course love people and are always loved by people.  Therefore your job should match your personality and should allow you let out all your positive and friendly energy.  Here are the seven best jobs for extroverts.


Marketing manager

The job of a marketing manager analyzes market demand as well as the prices of competitors, and creates the best strategies for their company. They work together with sales teams as well as PR sale in order to promote their products. The marketing manager is usually the person that creates the advertising campaigns. Their job requires talking to people a lot and therefore an extrovert with an outgoing and friendly personality will do this job successfully with no sweat.

Public relations specialist

Being a public relations specialist requires being able to spread the word and increase awareness about their clients. They can also develop a brand for their company or be in charge of public events. They are usually in charge of taking to the media and serve as the spokesperson of the company.  For extraverts this is a simple task and one that will not bore, as you’ll be engaged in human interaction for most of the day.


A recruiter can be understood as the corporate world’s matchmaker. Many large companies have their own recruiters, and some do this process through an agency.  Regardless, being a recruiter requires working with stakeholders in order to understand exactly what they are looking for in employees.  Extraversion is a must in this job.

Sales representative

Sales representatives are the connection between the company of production and the purchasing.  They have meetings with other companies and agencies and explain their product, and establish business relationships. Their entire career is based on these relationships, and therefore an extrovert is needed for the job.